How to send ALL game audio through your PS4 headphones

Your PS4 gaming experience could get a lot more interesting if you use your headphones to hear closely the actual audio from the games you play.

Especially if you have bass boost headphones of some sort, the game audio could actually create a 3D effect in your head and ears as if you are inside the game's world.

Just make sure to adjust the volume properly to prevent any disturbing sounds that may affect your hearing.

Here's how to send all the game audio through your PS4 headphones:

Attach and connect your headphones

The first step of course, is to attach and connect your headphones to your PS4 console.

Push Square mentioned that in order to do so, connect your headphones through a 3.5 mm adapter to the open slot placed in the bottom of your DualShock PS4 controller.

You can find it between the underside of both your controller's analogue sticks.

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Setup your PS4's audio output

If you observe that you cannot hear any sound from your headphones, quickly check your PS4's audio output.

Do it by holding the PlayStation button in your controller and wait for the Quick Menu to appear.

Click Sound Devices, then choose Output to Headphones, and select the All Audio option.

Through this, all the audio from your games could now be heard in your headphones.

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