How to download games and apps when PS4 is in Rest Mode

Rest mode is becoming an increasinly common feature in tech hardware. And when it comes to the PS4 console, its rest mode really helps to conserve power and energy.

Even if it is on Rest Mode, you can still do some of the things you usually can with the PS4, such as downloading games and apps.

You just need to follow some quick steps for you to do it.

Here's how to download games and apps when your PS4 is in Rest Mode:

How to download in Rest Mode

As explained by How to Geek, Rest Mode allows your PS4 to enter some sort of low-power sleep mode. It saves power for your console, freeing up some space and provides faster overall performance.

Yet with it being activated, you can also download games and apps from the PS4, as well as updates and additional features.

Head to the PS4's Settings and select Power Saving Settings. After doing that, you can choose the option to 'Set Features Available in Rest Mode'.

Click the 'Stay Connected to the Internet' option, and you can now download your games and apps even if your PS4 is in Rest Mode.

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Sony's remark on PS4's Rest Mode

The console's creator Sony encourages fans to use the Rest Mode option instead of totally turning it off.

Once your games are downloaded with this mode, it would be a lot faster and smoother to play once you wake it up.

Also, it'll make your games and apps up to date because it automatically updates all possible features and contents for your installed programs.

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