Starfield Trident ships – where to find them

Starfield Trident ships

Starfield Trident ships

When setting out to explore space, you’re going to need a ship that can travel between systems. The Starfield Trident ships are considered to be top-notch in the galaxy, so you may have your eyes set on them.

Starfield has over 1,000 different planets for you to discover, so you may as well travel in style. And you’re going to need a luxurious spaceship to go with that expensive dream home you started the game with, right?

So, let’s go ahead and figure out where to find these Starfield Trident ships so you can get one for yourself and travel in luxury.

Where to find Trident ships in Starfield

You can find a bunch of Trident ships in the Trident Luxury Lines Staryards in orbit above Akila, but you won’t be able to purchase any ships there. Instead, you’ll need to rely on finding a random Trident ship that’s traveling across the galaxy and taking it for yourself.

If you head to the Trident Staryards and speak to every NPC there, none of them will try to sell you one of their luxury ships. Trident ships don’t show up in other shops either, so acquiring one the legal way is out of the question.

When you decide to go out and search for a Trident ship, you’ll find that the ones traveling across different systems are generated randomly. So regardless of whether you decide to sit in one corner of the galaxy and wait for a Trident ship to come along or go out and actively search for one, it all boils down to luck.

How to get a Trident ship

To get a Trident ship in Starfield, you are going to need to board the vessel and take it over. This is a lot easier said than done, so here’s a more detailed look at the process of capturing a ship.

  • Acquire the Targeting Control Systems skill.
  • Destroy the target ship’s engines.
  • Dock and board the ship.
  • Clear the vessel of any enemies you see inside.

Once all of the threats aboard the ship have been taken care of, the Trident ship is yours. You just need the required piloting skills to drive the vehicle and make your getaway.

And that will do it for our guide on where to find Trident ships in Starfield. If this experience has pushed you into a life of crime in the space exploration game, consider joining the Crimson Fleet, one of the many factions you can join. You might also want to check out our guide on how to pick locks in Starfield.

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