How to pick locks in Starfield

How to pick locks Starfield - spaceship with astronauts

How to pick locks Starfield - spaceship with astronauts

No one likes a locked door, right? Ever since the dawn of time in videogames, locked doors have been our biggest pet peeve, we just don't like them. So thank God for lockpicks, but how to use those Digipicks? And how to pick locks in Starfield? Let's find out all about it.

This will be quite the useful thing to know, as going around picking locked doors and lockers is a great way to get some great gear and resources. No more going around spending money in shops.

So let's get out those digipicks and let's learn how to pick locks in Starfield and open those doors.

How to pick locks in Starfield

In order to pick locks in Starfield you will need a tool called digipick. But how to actually use it?

Using a Digipick will start a mini-game, which can sometimes be quite frustrating. You will see rings that you'll have to rotate, so that the outermost one with little pins in it will fit into the gaps of the inner rings. Rotate them and then slot them in.

The main problem is that each ring will move together with the others and you'll have to get them all in the right position. The most logical way to make the mini-games easier is to raise your Security skill, along with unlocking an ability that allows you to tell when the right is in the right position.

But that's not all, there is an actual mod, in our best mods list, that lets you skip the mini-games entirely if you wish to do so. For us, that's the best way possible.

How to get digipicks

Luckily, this is not a huge problem. Digipicks can be easily found by exploring around in Starfield, for example looting them from corpses. Always check those dead enemies for useful items.

Of course, they are also available from most stores, along the many misc items they sell. Get ready to pay 35 credits for each of them.

That's all you need on how to pick locks in Starfield. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our guides on the First contact quest and outposts.

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