Starfield factions – can you join all of them?

Starfield factions Sarah Morgan

Starfield factions Sarah Morgan

Bethesda is known for making single-player games with expansive worlds that feel lived in due to the presence of NPC factions. Their latest title looks to continue that plan, so we’ll be taking a look at all the Starfield factions you can encounter on your playthrough.

And just like older Bethesda titles, you will be able to join these factions. This will give you even more NPCs to rely on other than your crew and companions.

But will you be able to join all of the Starfield factions in one playthrough? We’ll be answering that question in this guide as well.

Can you join all Starfield factions?

Yes, you will be able to join all Starfield factions. Joining one will not keep you from joining another so you will be able to join multiple factions at once.

This is in line with other Bethesda titles such as Skyrim and Fallout 76. Those games also have several factions you can join simultaneously.

Starfield has a total of five different major factions you can join, each of them having their own set of quests and methods of joining.

Starfield factions list

The five factions you can join in Starfield are Constellation, United Colonies, Freestar Collective, Crimson Fleet, and Ryujin Industries. These groups are all very different from one another, so let’s take a closer look at each one.


You will join this group automatically as you play through the main quest line and there’s no way around it. Constellation is your default faction and they’re all about exploring space.

The faction’s leader, Sarah Morgan, can be recruited as one of your companions.

United Colonies

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The United Colonies is considered to be the most powerful established military and political faction in the game. They fought against the Freestar Collective in the Colony War that took place decades before the events of Starfield.

To join the United Colonies, make your way to the MAST Headquarters in New Atlantis to speak with Commander John Tuala.

Freestar Collective

This space western-themed group of people once fought against the United Colonies in the name of individualism. These days they’re settled in Akilia City, looking after their own people and calling themselves peacekeepers.

To affiliate yourself with this group of space cowboys, travel to Akila City and attend to the dangerous matter that involves the town’s bank. After that, go to the Rock and speak with Emma Wilcox. You will then choose a mission to show Emma that you have what it takes to join the Freestar Collective.

Crimson Fleet

From space cowboys, we now have a faction full of space pirates. The Crimson Fleet has no regard for the law and a distaste for how things are run by the United Colonies.

To join the Crimson Fleet, you can either get arrested by the UC Vanguard or complete the United Colonies introductory mission. From there, you can embark on the Deep Cover mission which requires you to join the space bandits in an undercover operation.

Ryujin Industries

Giant corporations still exist in the Starfield timeline and the most prominent one is Ryujin Industries. Their headquarters is found in the city of Neon, a simple fishing outpost that has now become a brightly lit metropolis with its very own criminal underground.

To join Ryujin Industries, you will have to apply for a job with them. You can do this through any of the Ryujin Industries kiosks that are found throughout every major Starfield city. Fortunately for you, you’ll pass the initial interview no matter how you answer and will be sent to an official interview at Ryujin Tower.

And that’s our guide on Starfield factions. Before you decide on which faction to join, you may want to read up on the different traits you can choose during character creation or how to smuggle contraband in Starfield.

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