What is Quick Share on Google Pixel and Samsung phones?

Samsung S24 and Google Pixel 8 Pro with the Samsung Quick Share logo in between
Credit: Samsung / Google

If you've picked up a new Samsung phone, maybe even the Galaxy S24, or have recently updated your Pixel, you may be attempting to share an image or a link and see a strange Quick Share button appear. But what does it do?

Whether you're gaming using the best phone controller and are looking to share your latest snapshots, or you're testing out all of the various features with Galaxy AI, here's everything you need to know about Android's Quick Share button.

What is Quick Share on Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy?

Quick Share is Android's version of the iPhone's Airdrop, letting you seamlessly share images, files, or videos with devices close to you without needing to pair your smartphones together.

Airdrop has been a major part of sharing things to friends for iPhone users, so it makes sense that Android users might want something similar. While Quick Share was originally a Samsung-only feature, Google has begun merging its Nearby Share with Quick Share, letting Pixel and Galaxy users share stuff to each other.

While Quick Share isn't on all Pixel devices just yet, it is being rolled out as recently as January 31, 2024, as spotted by Mishaal Rahman, an Android specialist to say the least, on Twitter.

As Rahman points out in a reply tweet, Samsung and Google's Quick Share options aren't exactly the same, though they are compatible. Google's Quick Share works via Google Play Services, while Samsung's Quick Share app is being updated to work with other Nearby Share devices.

There's also a Windows Quick Share app, which allows Galaxy devices to quickly share (get it?) files to a Windows PC, although, it requires Windows 10 or higher to actually use. It also requires Bluetooth, which many DIY builds might not include.

That's what you need to know about Quick Share on Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones. While you're here, make sure to find out about when Galaxy AI features will be locked behind a subscription.

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