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How many chapters are in Warhammer Realms of Ruin?

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Nighthaunt units floating over the battlefield in Warhammer Realms of Ruin
Credit: Frontier

If you're wondering how close you are to the end in Warhammer Realms of Ruin, you're in the right place. In this guide, we'll ask and answer a simple question - how many chapters are in Warhammer Realms of Ruin?

Like many of the Warhammer games set in the Age of Sigmar, Realms of Ruin will have you marching armies into glorious combat. You'll need a strategic mind to get ahead, and that's doubly so in the later chapters of the campaign.

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How many chapters are in Warhammer Realms of Ruin?

There are eighteen chapters in the Warhammer Realms of Ruin campaign.

You'll be switching between the game's four factions and getting familiar with their various units, so don't worry if you're not enjoying a particular faction; you're not stuck with them forever.

Frontier Developments, the game's developers, have promised that 'no two campaigns will be alike' thanks to the game's procedurally generated terrain. Every chapter completed will unlock an achievement / trophy, and there are several difficulty settings for the campaign with their own achievements to unlock, too.

  1. Hope in Darkness
  2. Forgotten Paths
  3. The Prize
  4. Ancient History
  5. Among the Growloaks
  6. Dankfeer's Game
  7. Sigrun's Gamble
  8. To Sulfa City
  9. Feeding the Gutz
  10. Ripklaw's Challenge
  11. The Dead End
  12. The Incentive
  13. Iden's Folly
  14. Tide Of Destruction
  15. Strylka's Plan
  16. Scorched Earth
  17. Endless Rage
  18. Epilogue

Each chapter also tasks you with specific challenges that provide experience points. These can range from completing a chapter quickly to taking out an enemy's granaries without alerting them. All in all, they're a great way to increase replayability if multiplayer isn't your thing.

It'll take you several hours to get through them all, but those are all of the chapters in Warhammer Realms of Ruin. While you're battling through them, find out if learn about the classes of Warhammer 40K Darktide and the best Steam Deck settings for Space Marine 2.

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