Best grand strategy games to play in 2023

Best grand strategy games to play
Credit: PlayStation

Best grand strategy games to play
Credit: PlayStation

If you're on the hunt for the best grand strategy games to sink your teeth into this year, you're in for a treat! We've got the lowdown on the absolute gems in the genre that deserve a spot on your gaming radar.

Games of the grand strategy genre have always been a fan favourite because they let you take command of entire civilizations. You can rewrite history, lead nations to glory, or throw them into chaos. These games mix complex diplomacy, military strategy, and economic management, making you think hard and plan wisely.

Before we reveal our top picks for the best grand strategy games to play in 2023, be sure to check out the best stealth games along with our Crusader Kings 3 traits tier list packed with information.

Best grand strategy games to play in 2023

Without further ado - here are the best grand strategy games that you must try in 2023:

Victoria 3

After a nearly decade-long hiatus, Victoria 3 emerged as the long-awaited sequel to 2011's Victoria 2. For those not familiar, the game takes players to the Victorian era, spanning roughly from the 18th to the 19th century, and delves into the economic, political, and social development of nations during this period. Victoria 3 is no exception to this historical focus.

The gameplay, as is often the case in the strategy genre, can be a bit tangled for newcomers, but that's hardly a surprise given the scope of strategic possibilities.

Talking about gameplay, you're tasked with overseeing your nation's population, economy, and military to achieve your objectives. The real challenge lies in balancing the interests of different societal groups within your nation. Not to mention, diplomacy is your main tool for forming alliances, declaring war, and settling conflicts. Just like in the real world, you can exert influence on other nations and open up new markets.

Train in Victoria 3
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Credit: Paradox

Civilisation 6

If you're on the hunt for a grand strategy game with the option for a turn-based playstyle, look no further than Civilization 6. As its name implies, it's the sixth instalment in the series crafted by Firaxis Games.

Civilization VI sets you on a mission to guide a civilization from its humble beginnings in the ancient era all the way to global dominance in the modern era. It's a game that grants you the power to rewrite history, make pivotal decisions, and witness the ebb and flow of empires.

What makes it a favourite among grand strategy pundits is its complex and multifaceted gameplay. You're in charge of every aspect of your civilization, be it diplomacy, warfare, trade, culture, or religion. The twisted dance between these elements creates a deep strategic experience. the cherry on top? It's all presented with stunning graphics.

Civilization VI city
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Crusader Kings 3

Another hit from Paradox Interactive (the same developer of Victoria 3), got its much-anticipated release in 2020 for PC but is now available for almost all platforms. With its unique blend of character-driven gameplay, intricate politics, and dynastic management, this medieval epic offers strategy lovers an unparalleled gaming experience.

Unlike traditional grand strategy games, Crusader Kings 3 shakes things up by putting you in control of individual characters more rather than entire kingdoms or regions. Each character is rich in traits, skills, and ambitions that profoundly influence your gameplay. Diplomacy takes centre stage yet again, with politics playing a vital role. But don't forget about warfare; it's a key component too. The game hands you the reins when it comes to your armies' composition and battle tactics, allowing for dynamic military strategy.

What adds even more excitement to the mix is the vast world to explore. The map is divided into counties, offering a lengthy and intricate strategic challenge. If you're up for a grand adventure that spans generations and a dose of medieval touch, then this game is tailor-made for you!

Crusader Kings 3 City map
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Credit: Paradox


Stellaris is an absolute must-play for anyone who craves a strategic adventure as boundless as the cosmos itself. The game is played on a map of the galaxy, which is divided into a number of star systems. Each star system contains a number of planets, which can be colonized and developed by the player. You have the ability to design and customize your fleet, optimizing your ships for different combat situations. All the Space battles which you will engage in are in real-time, making fleet composition and tactics essential.

What sets Stellaris apart is its unparalleled depth of customization. You get to shape not just your empire's political landscape but also its very essence, from ethics and technology to diplomacy and warfare. This is where your strategic prowess truly shines as you forge alliances, wage wars, and engage in the political world. Overall, It offers an ever-evolving narrative that ensures each playthrough is an exciting new chapter every time.

Space map in Stellaris
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Credit: Paradox

Romans: Age of Ceaser

The stories of the powerful Roman empires, their incredible buildings, culture, and epic battles have always intrigued people. While we can't go back in time, we can get a taste of what it was like with a game called Romans: Age of Caesar.

In this game, you step into a world that's been inspired by the history of rebuilding the great Roman empire. You'll build things, manage resources, and make sure your people are happy and healthy. It's like being the chief builder and protector of your own empire.

What adds another layer of excitement to the mix is the game's focus on both cooperative and competitive multiplayer elements. You can team up with fellow players to achieve common goals or engage in friendly (or not-so-friendly) contests to see whose city thrives the most. Romans: Age of Caesar is your ticket to time-travelling to ancient Rome and crafting your own legacy in the heart of the empire.

All in all, that is pretty much what you should need to know the Best grand strategy games to play in 2023. For more on such an interesting topic, have a look at the best Android games or best iOS games to try.

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