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All Disciples of Tzeentch units in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin - stormcast unit in golden armour and white glowing wings
Credit: Frontier Developments

Choosing the correct faction to play in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin can often make the difference between victory and defeat. If you're looking to play as a faction that excels at ranged combat, we've got all the Disciples of Tzeentch units in Realms of Ruin within this guide.

Here, we'll be going through all the different Disciples of Tzeentch units in Realms of Ruin, sorted by their tier quality. Also, we'll be giving all the vital details on their unique abilities, as well as all their possible upgrades that you can use to boost their power.

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All Disciples of Tzeentch units in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin

Marching under the banner of Tzeentch, the Disciples are ranged specialists in Realms of Ruin. Their ranks of cultists, daemons, and mutants are adept at spellcasting and ranged attacks. Therefore, if you play as the Disciples of Tzeentch, you'll want to keep a good amount of distance between yourself and your opponent, if you're to play to your unit's strengths.

Below, we've got complete tables for each tier of the Disciples of Tzeentch's units, as well as each of their abilities. Sometimes, you'll have to upgrade your units before they're able to use their ability. If this is ever the case, we've also highlighted it in the Upgrades section of our tables.

Tier 1

Here, we've got all the Tier 1 units that the Disciples of Tzeentch can use in Realms of Ruin. These units are the easiest to build in-game, requiring only a small amount of Command to be built. Additionally, you won't have to upgrade your Command Post to gain access to them.

Unit Unit Type Abilities Upgrades
MagisterHeroShield of Fate - when not in combat, grant a nearby ally a small shield; Gift of Tzeentch - fire a stream of mercurial arcane energy which heals allied units and damages enemies.Bounty of Tzeentch - upgrades the Gift of Tzeentch ability, increasing the amount of healing and damage for allies and enemies respectively; Infusion Arcanum - increases basic attack range and damage; Disc of Tzeentch - gains a Disc
Horrors of TzeentchRangedSplit and Split again - on death, Pink Horrors split into 2 Blue Horrors. On death, Blue splits into 2 Brimstone Horrors. Blue and Brimstone Horrors cannot be healed; Petty Vengeance - the unit sprints at enemy ground units and self-destructs; Volatile Nature - Brimstone Horrors perish after a short time; Focused Fire - the unit can only attack when stationaryChanneled Immolation; increases basic attack damage in all forms; Frantic Flames - increases basic attack range of all forms.
Kairic AcolytesAssaultGestalt Sorcery - increase axe damage while over half max unit size; Sorcerous Bolts - fire a volley of magical energy at a target locationSorcerous Bolts - grants ability; Sorcerous Fusillade - upgrades Sorcerous Bolts, increasing amount of bolts fired, damage, and area of effect

Tier 2

The table below includes all the Tier 2 Disciples of Tzeentch units and their abilities. These units are a little bit more costly than the previous Tier 1 units, requiring you to have upgraded your Command Post, as well as needing some Realmstone to spend as well as Command.

Unit Unit Type Abilities Upgrades
TzaangorsHeavyDestined Mayhem - increase attack speed when near an allied hero unitDestined Mayhem - grants ability; Savagery Unleashed - increases movement speed and basic attack damage.
Screamers of TzeentchAssaultSlashing Charge - slam into a target location, dealing area damage and reducing the armour of enemies in range; Fly - become a flying unit; Wailing Cry - inflict fear and silence status effects to all enemy units within range. Hidden enemies are revealed and flying enemies are groundedWailing Cry - grants ability; Slashing Scream - grants ability, which damages enemies and causes slow status effects.
Flamers of TzeentchRangedTouched by Fire - summon a ball of warpfire to a target location which slowly expands, damaging all enemies hit; Bounding Warpflame - target an area and emit a burst of flame that damages enemy ground units. The unit then leaps to the target, leaving a patch of fire.Touched by Fire - grants ability; Conflagration - increases basic attack range

Tier 3

In Realms of Ruin, the strongest units you can build are Tier 3 units. To build these top-tier units, you'll first need to upgrade your Command Post, as well as obtain a wealth of Realmstone to construct the units with. Of all the units, these cost the most to build. However, as they're the most powerful units available, you should make every endeavour to use them.

Unit Unit type Abilities Upgrades
Tzaangor SkyfiresRanged/EliteGlimpse of the Future - while flying, reveal nearby hidden enemies; Focused Fire - can only attack while stationary; Fly - turn into a flying unit; Judgement from Afar - target an area and launch into the air before firing upon the target. Enemies that are hit suffer damage and reduced armour.Judgement from Afar - grants ability
Ogroid ThaumaturgeAssaultBrutal Rage - fill the rage meter by being damaged. When full all active abilities are disabled, melee damage and movement speed are increased, and the unit can use the Mighty Rampage ability; Mighty Rampage - rush forward with increased movement speed, damaging and knocking back enemy units; Choking Tendrils - summon arcane tendrils at a target location, causing damage and slow status effects. Each enemy hit grants the unit health.N/A
Lord of ChangeHero/MonsterBeacon of Sorcery - create an aura of raw magic, which increases damage for allied units and causes silence status effects on enemies; Infernal Gateway - channel and open a gateway to the Realm of Chaos. The centre deals max damage over time, with damage decreasing with distance. Enemies suffer slow status effects; Rod of Sorcery - fire a bolt of arcane energy, damaging and causing silence status effects on enemies.N/A
Magister on DiscHeroShield of Fate - when not in combat, grant a nearby ally a small shield; Fly - becoming a flying unit; Gift of Tzeentch - fire a stream of mercurial arcane energy which heals allied units and damages enemies.N/A

That's all there is to know about all the Disciples of Tzeentch units in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin. For more guides like this, why not check out all the different status effects in Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin, or all the different Stormcast Eternal units in the game? Also, we've got the minimum and recommended PC specifications for the game, so you can work out whether your PC can run the game.

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