All Victoria 3 console commands and cheats

Victoria 3 console commands and cheats - An image of a map from the game

Victoria 3 console commands and cheats - An image of a map from the game

Whether you're looking to travel quickly or expedite construction processes, this guide has all the Victoria 3 console commands and cheats you need to unlock the strategy game's full potential.

In Victoria 3, cheats emerge as powerful tools for players. They are useful for a variety of purposes, from fine-tuning the economic conditions of your nation to altering the political landscape to your advantage.

Below, you'll discover an essential selection of Victoria 3 console commands and cheats designed to streamline your navigation of the intricate geopolitical landscape. Also, check out the best Victoria 3 cheats.

How to access Victoria 3 console commands

To use cheats and console commands in Victoria 3, you need to first enable debug mode. To do this, follow these steps before launching the game on Steam:

  • Navigate to your Steam library and right-click on Victoria 3.
  • Select "Properties" from the context menu.
  • In the window that appears, focus on the "General" tab.
  • Locate the "Launch Options" section.
  • Enter the following command: -debug_mode

This will enable debug mode, preparing the game for the use of cheats and console commands. Now let's take a look at the different console commands you can use in Victoria 3 to gain an advantage.

Victoria 3 console commands

In Victoria 3, you can open the console by pressing the grave (`) key, typically found under the ESC key on your keyboard. This will bring up the in-game console. Then, input one of the below commands and press return (Enter) to get the effect you want.

Below are the best console commands in Victoria 3:

  • Application.changeResolution - Manually change the screen resolution
  • annex_all - Annexes all other countries
  • deiron - Disables Ironman mode
  • disable_pop_growth - Disables pop growth
  • disable_retooling - Disables retooling
  • escalate (value) - Adds the given amount of escalation to a diplomatic play
  • fastbuild - Buildings will be constructed faster
  • fastenact - Your proposed laws will be enacted faster
  • fasthire - Your buildings will hire pops faster
  • fastinstitutions - Your institutions will change investment levels faster
  • fastinterests - You'll gain the capacity for additional declared interests faster
  • fastmobilize - Your troops mobilise faster
  • fastresearch - Technology research is completed faster
  • fastrevolution - Revolutions build support faster
  • fastsecession - Secessions happen faster
  • fasttravels - Travel time is greatly reduced
  • Graphics.CapFramerate - Caps the game's framerate
  • help - Displays a list of debug mode commands
  • ignore_government_support - Support for your government is ignored
  • kill_character (name) - Kills the named character
  • map_editor - Toggles the map editor
  • money (value) - Add money to your treasury in the amount specified
  • norevolution - Disables revolutions
  • nosecession - Disables secessions
  • observe - Toggles observer mode
  • popstat - Displays the number of active pops
  • portrait_editor - Opens the developer portrait editor tool
  • screenshot - Captures a screenshot
  • settings - Opens the debug settings menu
  • show_goals - Shows an Al's goals
  • skip_migration - Toggles the skip migration cheat
  • version - Displays the game version and checksum in the debug log
  • wagerate - Get or set a building's wage rate
  • yesmen - Enabling this will make Al agree to every diplomatic and sway proposal you send

Please note that using console commands in Victoria 3 can significantly alter your gameplay experience and may disable achievements. Always save your game before using any commands to prevent unwanted changes.

That covers all the Victoria 3 console commands and cheats. Hope you found our guide helpful. Before heading off, check out console commands for Lethal CompanyCrusader Kings 2, and Hearts of Iron 4.

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