Lethal Company console commands

console commands in Lethal Company
Credit: Zeekerss

console commands in Lethal Company
Credit: Zeekerss

Lethal Company console commands can be a helping hand to make your gaming experience better. These commands will not get you extravagant bonuses like infinite health, infinite scrap or all times. However, some of these might still be useful in various circumstances.

For example, Lethal Company cheats can help you access the monster encyclopedia, buy upgrades for your ship, or even deactivate turrets nearby.

In this guide, you will learn all Lethal Company console commands and how to use them to revolutionise your gameplay. But before we start, check out all the monsters in Lethal Company.

How to use console commands in Lethal Company

console commands in Lethal Company
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Credit: Zeekerss
Follow our steps to activate terminal commands.

In Lethal Company, players can use Terminal to utilize console commands for various functions like purchasing items or accessing the Bestiary. Each command has its unique usage method. Here's a quick guide to get you started:

  1. Approach the Terminal on your ship
  2. Press E (or any designated key)
  3. Type the command into the console; check for typos
  4. Hit Enter to execute the command

Players can utilise the command "help" to get the comprehensive list of Lethal Company commands in-game. However, it also has been listed below.

All console commands in Lethal Company

Below is a table of all available Lethal Company console commands and how they influence the game:

Console Command
Command Effects
Open the main menu; view the comprehensive list of commands.
Open the list of moons to get more information or travel to a moon.
Open the store to get in-game items like jetpack or grenade.
Open the list of every creature you've faced to grab extra information.
Open the overview of the currently stored items.
view monitor
Turn on/off player tracking display on the minimap.
Type in your buddy's name to track them on the monitor.
The radar booster will produce a noticeable noice.
Transmits a message via the signal translator.
Scans the current moon, revealing the number of remaining items.

These cheats are a surefire way of spicing up your Lethal Company matches. With all kinds of ways to adjust the co-op survival horror title, taking advantage of the console commands can inject a breath of fresh air into what's already an extremely fun game to play alone or with a group of friends.

That's everything there is to know about Lethal Company console commands. Try these cheats today and watch your gaming session become more enjoyable. For more guides like this, discover how to get Maxwell and how to deal with crawler in Lethal Company.

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