All Victoria 2 console commands and cheats 2024

Victoria 2 console commands and cheats - An image of a map and two players from the game

Victoria 2 console commands and cheats - An image of a map and two players from the game

Whether you're looking to swiftly modify your country's infamy, inject your treasury with funds, or expedite research processes, this guide has all the Victoria 2 console commands and cheats you need to unlock the strategy game's full potential.

In Victoria 2, console commands emerge as powerful tools for players. They are incredibly useful for a variety of purposes, from fine-tuning the economic conditions of your nation, adjusting diplomatic relations, to altering the political landscape to your advantage.

Below, you'll discover an essential selection of Victoria 2 console commands and cheats designed to streamline your navigation of the intricate geopolitical landscape of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Also, check out the best Ark Ascended console commands.

Victoria 2 console commands

In Victoria 2, you can access the console by pressing the grave (`) key, typically found beneath the ESC key on your keyboard. This will bring up the in-game console. Then, input one of the below commands and press return (Enter) to get the effect you want.

Below are some of the most frequently used console commands in Victoria 2:

  • addresearch(addr) [techname] – Adds research at specified name.
  • blockade – Blockade province.
  • changeowner [TAG] [province id] – Change the current owner of [province id] to the TAG specified.
  • conquerall [country tag] – Set all enemy provinces under our control.
  • debug allmoney – Shows info for money transfers.
  • debug alwaysaddwargoal – Removes limits for war goal.
  • debug alwaysdiplo – Makes diplomats endless.
  • debug alwaysreform – Eliminates the 1-month wait between reforms. Need +50% of the upper-house favourable of reforms.
  • debug influence – Makes every Great Power’s influence on every country fixed at 100. When deactivated, all influence levels return to normal.
  • debug invent (invention) – instantly get chosen invention.
  • debug market – Turns on/off a log of price changes.
  • debug researchpoints [number] – rpoints [number].
  • debug yesmen – The AI accepts any deal with the player or other AI players.
  • election – Starts common elections right now.
  • fow – Turn on/off the fog of war.
  • goods “XXX” – Gives XXX goods to the player plus the same amount of money.
  • leaderprestige(lprestige) [province] [value] – Adds prestige to leaders attached to units at the specified location.
  • Leadership “XXX” – Gives XXX leadership points to the player.
  • militancy [level] – Changes militancy level. Try positive and negative values.
  • militancy [province] [ideology] – Sets high militancy for pops at location and specified ideology.
  • Money “XXX” – Gives XXX money to the player.
  • Plurality “XXX” – Sets XXX Plurality Level from 1% to 100%.
  • Prestige “XXX” – Gives XXX prestige to the player.
  • reorg – All units in got 100% organization and full strength.
  • researchpoints(rpoints) [num] – Adds specified amount of research points.
  • revolt [ province id] – Rise all the valid rebels of the country that controls [province id] (use twice).
  • showprovinceid(provid) – Toggles province ID visibility in tooltips.
  • spawnunit [unit] [province id] – A [unit] appears in the province specified at 0 organization and full strength. In the case of a land unit, the soldiers will come from a random province.
  • suppress [num] – Adds suppression points to your country.
  • tag [TAG] – Change the player country to the one specified. The [TAG] part must be in caps, and more than 1 change “sleeps” the AI of the affected country until reload.
  • teleportselectionto(teleport) [province id] – Teleports currently selected unit to location.
  • upperhouse – Instant upper house reelection.

Please note that using console commands in Victoria 2 can significantly alter your gameplay experience and may disable achievements. Always save your game before using any commands to prevent unwanted changes.

Victoria 2 console command to lower infamy

In Victoria 2, there isn't a direct console command specifically designed to adjust your nation's infamy level up or down instantly. However, you can use the "Liberty Prevails" event through console commands to lower your infamy.

To run the Liberty Prevails event with commands, simply type the following command into your console:

event 18540

This will allow you to choose between losing 2 infamy while gaining prestige, or shedding 3 infamy directly, depending on your strategic priorities. You can execute this command repeatedly until your infamy level aligns with your desired target.

That covers all the Victoria 2 console commands and cheats. Hope you found our guide helpful. Before heading off, check out console commands for Lethal Company, Crusader Kings 2, and Hearts of Iron 4.

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