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How to fix Valorant error code VAN 152

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An image of a pop-up error message box in Valorant that reads error code VAN 152

If you are encountering Valorant error code VAN 152, we're here to shed light on the situation and help you find a path towards resolving it.

Valorant is a fun online game, but it's not without its occasional annoyances, such as TPM 2.0 error, error code VAN 81, and the error at hand. These hiccups can disrupt your gaming experience, and error code VAN 152 in particular can be a significant obstacle.

In this guide, we'll delve into the options you have when you encounter error code VAN 152 in Valorant, providing you with a clear roadmap to address this issue.

How to fix Valorant error code VAN 152

To fix Valorant error code VAN 152, the recommended approach is to patiently wait for four months for the ban to be lifted. After this duration, you can consider creating a new account to resume playing Valorant.

Technically, you can circumvent the Valorant hardware ban by replacing your hardware or investing in a new gaming rig and then creating a new account. However, this option is far from ideal, as it comes with a substantial cost and inconvenience.

It is worth mentioning that, around a year ago, there were widespread false Valorant hardware bans. So, if you suspect that you have been unjustly banned, don't hesitate to appeal your ban by reaching out to the game's support team.

What is Valorant error code VAN 152?

Valorant error code VAN 152 indicates that you have been subjected to a HWID (hardware ID) ban due to a violation of the game's terms of service.


The ban is tied to various hardware components of the user's computer, such as the motherboard, hard drive, or network card. This makes it more challenging for the banned user to circumvent the ban by simply creating a new account.

Fortunately, the hardware ban is not permanent, and according to the support site, it typically lasts for four months. So, it's not the end of the world. While you wait it out, you can explore games like Cities: Skylines 2 or Alan Wake 2.

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