Alan Wake 2 - release date, trailer and platforms

Alan Wake 2 release date Alan in the rain

Alan Wake 2 release date Alan in the rain

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The anticipation grows as the release date of Alan Wake 2 draws near, bringing us closer to rejoining the ranks of renowned gaming writers. Fans are eagerly awaiting further details, including the highly anticipated trailer and the platforms on which the game will be available.

Remedy Entertainment definitely took its time to release a sequel to a game which came out in 2010. But the wait is almost over now and fans are excited, the same with other AAA titles like Starfield and Returnal.

Finally, we'll get to uncover all the mysteries of Alan's life, but when will that actually be? Let's look at all we need to know about Alan Wake 2 release date and the info we have.

Alan Wake 2 release date

Alan Wake 2 is set to release on October 17, 2023.

There was not much known about the game before Remedy showed it in a trailer at the last PlayStation Showcase, and until now, only a single gameplay trailer has been shown.

Presently, we don't have much information about the story or the gameplay, which we believe will be definitely similar to the original, in terms of a third-person action adventure.

Alan Wake 2 platforms

Remedy has revealed that Alan Wake 2 will be released on a few different platforms. It is useful to keep in mind, for PC owners, that Alan Wake 2 won't be released originally on Steam but will be an Epic Game Store exclusive. Also, it will be digital-only, with no physical edition planned, for now.

Remedy has confirmed that the Xbox and PC version will also run the best, out of all the different ones. With 60 FPS confirmed, if one disables the 30 FPS "performance mode".

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Here are the platforms where you can play Alan Wake 2:

  • Windows PC
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X|S

While Steam owners might be sad to hear that the game won't be released on their favourite launcher, along with it not being available on Steam Deck for the moment, not all hope is lost.

There have been several games which have been released outside of Steam but then made their way to the platform owned by Valve, months after the original release. Perhaps some of you won't like to wait, but it might be worth it to play this exciting game on the go.

Alan Wake 2 trailer

Remedy Entertainment has released a trailer, during the PlayStation showcase, showing some of the gameplay and the new co-protagonist which will go through the story alongside our dear Alan.

Check out the exciting trailer for Alan Wake 2 below.

Based on the trailer, the game will bring back the quiet atmosphere of a suburban American town, going back to the overall Twin Peaks atmosphere of the original. We can also see Alan holding a flashlight, so there will definitely be some monsters that fear the light, much like the original.

But as soon as we know more about the game, we will be sure to update the guide to keep you in the loop on this exciting new title by Remedy. For more useful information, check out our guide on Steam Deck emulators.

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