Valorant Error Code Van 81: How To Fix Valorant Connection Error

Valorant Error Code Van 81: How To Fix Valorant Connection Error

Valorant Error Code Van 81: How To Fix Valorant Connection Error

If you're trying to fix the Valorant Error Code Van 81, here's a look at what to try.

Valorant is a popular FPS shooter, setting records on Twitch when it was launched a year ago. But as with so many online games, it is unfortunately hit by bugs and errors from time to time, such as the pesky Valorant Error Code 57.

Error Code Van 81 is also an example of one of those errors. We'll be examining what this error is, and what you might be able to do to overcome it. No one wants to get hit by a van. So let's get our seatbelts fastened, and see what we can learn about this annoying issue.

How To Fix Valorant Error Code Van 81

According to the Valorant support pages, the first thing to try is the classic system restart. Restart your PC and then restart the Riot Client.

If this is unsuccessful, then the recommendation is to uninstall both Riot Vanguard and Valorant, and reinstall both.

And finally, if this still doesn't resolve the problem, contact the Valorant Support Team.

One additional fix that users have found effective is to make sure that Vanguard is set to startup automatically. To do this:

  • Open Start and type “run”. Open “run”.
  • Type “services.msc”.
  • Locate VGC Service.
  • Right-click and select properties.
  • In the startup tab select Automatic.
  • Press Apply and hit OK.
  • Restart your computer and try to launch the game.

If the issue is with Vanguard not launching, then this should fix that problem, before you need to consider uninstalling anything. If not, follow Riot's suggestions, and contact their support team if nothing works.

What Is Valorant Error Code Van 81?

When players encounter the Valorant Van 81 error, they receive the following message:

Valorant has encountered connection error. please relaunch client to reconnect

As the message suggests, it is caused by an issue with the connection between the player's device and the Valorant servers. But interestingly, the main cause appears to be connected to an issue with the Riot Vanguard anti-cheat software that runs alongside the game, rather than an internet or server-related issue.

Primarily, if Vanguard does not load successfully, that can be the trigger for this message, as the game won't allow you to play unless the anti-cheat software is running.

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