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While it's quite common to lose touch with modern slang as you grow older, it's usually a natural and gradual process. However, with the advent of social media and a large portion of Gen Z being terminally online, there seem to be way too many terms to keep up with. If you're a frequent user of TikTok or X(Formerly known as Twitter), you might have come across the phrase TikTok moots.

Moots sounds pretty confusing if you don't know what it's abbreviating. Furthermore, there are a few different categories of followers and friends on social media like TikTok, which can make tracking each of these harder. So despite your brain urging you to delete this word from your vocabulary, learning what TikTok moot means is going to be useful if you plan on making new friends on these apps.

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What does moot mean in TikTok?

Moot is an abbreviation for the term mutual. A mutual on social media is someone who follows you and you follow them as well. This is a more amicable two-sided relationship where both parties are friends rather than the one-sided relationship between you and an oomf(One of my followers). This is why you'll often see people referring to others as their moots as it simply refers to online friends within their online social circles.

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You might also run into people looking for new TikTok moots or trying to find TikTok moots belonging to a specific fandom. This is the same as someone looking to make new friends online. Meanwhile, an oomf is just someone who follows you but you don't follow back.

What are mutuals in TikTok?

A mutual is also a way of referring to someone you follow and who follows you back, basically an online friend on TikTok. Mutual is a more formal way of referring to your moots or you can just forego the cutesy moot slang and use the word mutual like a normal human being. It tends to be context-dependent where both uses are acceptable and valid with the only difference in usage being the type of social circle you're using them in.

The terms moot and mutual are not only exclusive to TikTok but they are now popular across various social media such as X(Formerly known as Twitter), Instagram, and Discord.

That's all you need to know about what the Gen Z slang moot means on TikTok. Also, learn how to remove age restrictions from TikTok and how to remove your watch history.

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