Did TikTok Remove Watch History?

Apparently, a lot of people on the Internet have been asking whether TikTok has removed its watch history feature. Well, the answers are here.

TikTok introduced the watch history feature to its app in March 2022, in response to the requests from users. The feature allowed users to view the list of videos they have seen in the past seven days with ease.

Surprisingly, the TikTok watch history feature is now missing from the app and people are disappointed. In this article, we will discuss what happened to TikTok’s watch history feature and why it was removed.

Let's dive into it!

Did TikTok Remove Watch History?

From the looks of it, TikTok removed its watch history feature on June 16, 2022. The feature was removed from the app without any warning or explanation. In other words, TikTok has not commented on why the feature was removed or whether it will return.

Our research revealed that the watch history feature is probably causing TikTok to consume so much space on your phone. The videos that you have seen in the past 7 days are likely downloaded and stored as app data - hogging up space on your device.

In an attempt to fix this storage issue, TikTok must have decided to remove the watch history feature. This means that the watch history feature will return to the app once TikTok has found a way to resolve the storage issue.

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An Alternate Way To See Your TikTok Watch History

The watch history feature is missing for you? No worries!

There is another easy trick to find the TikTok videos that you've already watched in the past seven days. All you have to do is open the TikTok app on your phone and follow the instructions below.

  • Head to the Discover tab.
  • Press the Search icon in the top-right corner.
  • Type in an asterisk symbol '*' and press Search.
  • Tap the Filters icon on the search bar's right-hand side.
  • Toggle on Watched Videos and press Apply.

The asterisk symbol means that it will find and list all the videos you have watched within the last seven days. You can also type in a specific query to find videos that match your keyword or key phrase in your watch history. It will save you some scrolling.

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