All trophies and achievements in SteamWorld Build

A PlayStation platinum trophy against a SteamWorld Build key art background

A PlayStation platinum trophy against a SteamWorld Build key art background

There's plenty to do in SteamWorld Build. The milestones will inevitably start to slow down, though, which makes unlocking a trophy or achievement a great way to keep the dopamine flowing. To that end, this guide will reveal all trophies and achievements in SteamWorld Build.

The list is fairly forgiving, especially when compared to the challenges posed by SteamWorld Dig and grinds of SteamWorld Heist. Some are easy to miss or require forward planning, so completionists will need to plan their cities' layouts wisely.

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SteamWorld Build trophies and achievements

If you're hunting for 100% completion, you can expect to put several hours into unlocking the game's 28 achievements (or 29 including the PlayStation version's platinum trophy.) We've put them all in a table below, but it should be noted that trophies won't unlock on Sandbox difficulty.

By our estimations, it would take a minimum of two playthroughs and around 35 to 50 hours to get all of SteamWorld Build's trophies. It's the perfect game to take at your own pace, though, with most trophies unlocking naturally or being tracked across all playthroughs.

Trophy / Achievement
It's Yours, My Friend
Buy something from the store
Accustomed Customer
Buy 100 items from the store across all playthroughs
Reach the Engineer citizen tier
Reach the Aristobot citizen tier
Reach the Scientist citizen tier
Stack Overflow
Reach a surplus of 100 citizens for all tiers
Have 2000 citizens in your city
I'm A Lumberbot
Chop down 50,000 trees across all playthroughs
Nothing But Road
Build 100km of roads across all playthroughs
Real Purdy
Build 100 decorations across all playthroughs
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The fairly easy list hides some tricky trophies, but they're tame when compared to most city building games. Launching a rocket is only possible at the end of the story, so getting there without building turrets is sure to be a challenge. Experienced players will likely want to combine that trophy with a hard mode playthrough for a real challenge.

Beyond the big challenges, there are some grindy trophies in the mix. Cutting down 50,000 trees, hoarding 1.5 million robo-dollars, and building 100 kilometres of roads won't be for the faint hearted. Still, for players who are already enjoying SteamWorld Build, trophies like these are great rewards for sticking with it.

That's everything we can tell you about the trophy list of SteamWorld Build. For more achievement guides, check out our coverage of Warhammer Realms of Ruin and the Dead Space remake.

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