Dead Island 2 blocks Platinum Trophy progress with co-op

dead island 2 player grabbing a zombie by the neck and holding an electric knife

dead island 2 player grabbing a zombie by the neck and holding an electric knife

It might be a decade since the original Dead Island 2 trailer get us hyped up before the game disappeared into a lifeless chasm, but with the game's release only weeks away, we're primed to bash in zombie heads with friends again. And friends will be a crucial part of the PlayStation Platinum Trophy experience, it has come to light.

The PlayStation Trophies list for Dead Island 2 has been revealed exclusively on TrueTrophies, listing all the feats you'll need to accomplish (free of spoilers, we might add).

Players who love to collect PlayStation Trophies and want to shoot for the prestigious Platinum, however, will notice that a number of trophies require you to be playing the game in co-op. Meaning if you want the ultimate prize, you're going to need to strong-arm some of your friends into getting the game, even if they complain that zombies are so 2010.

The 'Slayer Squad' Bronze Trophy requires you to complete any five quests in co-op, for example, and 'I Am the Resurrection' asks you to revive partners give times.

So, Platinum hunters, start putting the call out now so that you're ready for release day. The first Dead Island game was better with friends, so regardless of whether you want the accolades or not, it's probably worth gathering the squad anyway.

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