How to deal with hives in SteamWorld Build

Insects emerging from a hive in SteamWorld Build
Credit: Kieron West // Gfinity Esports

Insects emerging from a hive in SteamWorld Build
Credit: Kieron West // Gfinity Esports

Tired of dealing with never-ending enemy waves in SteamWorld Build? You've come to the right place. Enemy hives cannot be totally destroyed, but a strategic layout can make them easy to deal with. In this guide, we'll share how to deal with hives in SteamWorld Build.

Most city building games have relatively low stakes, so discovering that your beloved miners can be snatched up and eaten can be a real shock. There's plenty of defences to mitigate the risk, but hives are the ultimate stress test.

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What are hives in SteamWorld Build?

In the Marshy Ruins, hives are exclusively found near rocket parts and will constantly spawn insects while the machinery is being unearthed. Even after every rocket piece has been extracted, hives can start spawning insects again after a five-minute warning.

The deepest level of the mines also has hives in random locations that will attack almost immediately. If left unchecked, the hives' nasty critters will destroy everything you've worked so hard to build.

A dormant hive in SteamWorld Build
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Credit: Kieron West // Stealth Optional

How to deal with hives in SteamWorld Build

The most effective method of dealing with hives is to spawn camp them. Guards are a big help - they'll swarm enemies in groups, and can be revived by mechanics if knocked down.

To start, break every block around the hive to prevent enemies from spawning in unexpected places. Next, create a guard headquarters in the areas around the hive and keep a mechanic headquarters close-by. A good rule of thumb is to have mechanics and guards at a 1:1 ratio.

It's also important to keep an eye on special train deals. One lets you recruit three extra guards without using additional space, while others give guards flamethrowers, rifles, and revolvers. A must-have mechanic upgrade increases their reviving speed by 66%, so check the train station every five minutes.

By placing down armory tiles, turrets can be built. Using them will prevent you from unlocking a trophy, but enemies won't live long when subjected to grenades, fire, and lightning. You can also use thumpers to slow down and damage any enemies that are in their radius.

Finally, teleporters. They're unlocked late in the game, but should connect the main elevator to hives so any respawning guards can get back into the action ASAP.

You're now a master of dealing with the wretched hives of scum and villainy in SteamWorld Build! Before you go, find out if the game is on Game Pass or discover its minimum PC requirements to make sure your rig can keep up with the action.

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