SteamWorld Build release date and details

Opening cutscene of SteamWorld Build showing Jack and Astrid Clutchsprocket
Credit: Kieron West // StealthOptional

Opening cutscene of SteamWorld Build showing Jack and Astrid Clutchsprocket
Credit: Kieron West // StealthOptional

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November 28, 2023: We've learned how much the game will cost, and updated the guide!

Excited for the next entry in the genre-hopping SteamWorld series, or just curious about that city building game with the robots? You're in the right place either way - in this guide, we'll share everything we know about SteamWorld Build.

First announced in 2022, SteamWorld Build is being developed by relatively new studio 'The Station' and published by previous SteamWorld creators Thunderful. We'll likely see more Thunderful-developed SteamWorld games in future, but for now it's good to see them supporting other studios in a time of games industry turmoil.

Ahead of release, we had some hands-on time with SteamWorld Build and shared our thoughts in a preview. You can also read about the game's PC specs and find out if it's coming to Game Pass with our handy guides.

When is the SteamWorld Build release date?

SteamWorld Build releases worldwide on December 1, 2023.

We've been treated to several glimpses of SteamWorld Build through trailers and the SteamWorld Telegraph, giving players plenty to theorise about and get excited for ahead of release.

One of the recent SteamWorld Telegraph videos revealed that Build is set parallel to the events of SteamWorld Dig 2. Long-time fans may pick up on several interesting references, but newcomers are still welcomed as the story requires no prior knowledge.

SteamWorld Build release date countdown

What platforms is SteamWorld Build on?

SteamWorld Build is coming to consoles via the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One with Series X / S optimization. Simultaneously, PC players will be able to buy the game through Steam, Epic Games, and GOG.

Prices will reportedly be consistent across platforms. Players can expect to spend $29.99 / £24.99, with a 10% discount at launch. Series newcomers can also purchase a bundle that includes SteamWorld Build, the game's soundtrack, and the first SteamWorld Dig game.

We can't say for certain if SteamWorld Build will get a physical release, as the series usually stays digital-only. It's always possible, however, as other SteamWorld games saw physical releases through services like Limited Run Games.

The mines beneath a city with several gold ore deposits in SteamWorld Build
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Credit: Kieron West // StealthOptional

SteamWorld Build trailer

The official SteamWorld YouTube channel has shared several trailers, with the longest showing over two minutes of gameplay. The story seemingly follows a robotic father and daughter as they build up a settlement, construct a rocket, and attempt to escape into space.

Typical to city building games, players must manage several resources to keep a growing population happy. Workers are seen being upgraded into engineers, who in turn delve into the mines beneath the city for rare resources like gold.

The mines are seemingly full of danger, however. A minute into the trailer, additional turret slots are unlocked by building an armory and used to fight off hostile bugs and robots. Flamethrower-wielding robots are also seen fending off bugs, while others are seen setting up machinery. Cave-ins also appear to be a looming threat, with supports being placed throughout the mines, so it seems the mines' gameplay will be just as in-depth as the city's.

That's everything we can share about SteamWorld Build. We've got plenty of guides for the game on the way, but for now, check out guides like this one for Last Train Home and Life By You.

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