Cities Skylines 2 modernises city builders with internet simulation

Cities skylines 2 internet simulation placing a cell tower on the ground

Cities skylines 2 internet simulation placing a cell tower on the ground

Paradox Interactive’s SimCity successor Cities Skylines 2 is bringing the city simulation genre to the modern age with internet structure simulation.

Revealed in the developer’s latest dev diary for the upcoming city development game, Paradox revealed that you’ll be tasked with bringing the power of the World Wide Web to your denizens.

As part of the game’s city services mechanics, you’ll have to properly connect internet services to your city in order to keep your residents happy. If they can’t use the internet, they’ll likely leave, and if they have poor quality connections they will be very upset.

The simulation of internet services in Cities Skylines 2 also has an effect on businesses in your city. With access to the internet, businesses have a chance to be even more successful, and more profitable in the long term.

“Communications is a new service in Cities Skylines 2,” the dev diary explains. “That includes The Internet. Naturally, the easier it is to connect to the web, the happier everyone will feel and the more profitable the city’s businesses will be.”

The simulation of internet connectivity for citizens in Cities Skylines 2 is just another way that this sequel feels like a deeper simulation than the original game. Similar to the game’s advanced zoning systems and car crash scenarios, this sequel is easily the most modern city simulator there has ever been.

While some fans have been disappointed at the Cities Skylines 2 map size, the game is already proving to be a far denser experience than the first. With fans spending thousands of hours on the original, the additions found here should be enough to keep players going for years.

Cities Skylines 2 releases on PC, Xbox Series and PS5 on October 24th, 2023. Fans who pre-order the game will receive 9 additional buildings that are based on real-world landmarks.

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