How long to beat SteamWorld Build

A rocket launching during a SteamWorld Build cutscene
Credit: Kieron West // StealthOptional

A rocket launching during a SteamWorld Build cutscene
Credit: Kieron West // StealthOptional

Curious how long it takes for a colony of steam powered robots to reach space? You're in the right place. SteamWorld Build is a cosy game best taken at a leisurely pace, but in this guide we'll reveal how long it takes to beat and 100% SteamWorld Build.

The SteamWorld games aren't known for their lengths, but that's hardly a bad thing. The genre-hopping series can consistently be relied on to provide subversive and fun experiences without overstaying their welcomes.

For more SteamWorld, find out if the game is coming to Game Pass or read up on its PC requirements. We've also got a guide that compiles everything we know about SteamWorld Build pre-release.

A ruined train station and mineshaft as seen in a SteamWorld Build cutscene
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Credit: Kieron West // StealthOptional

How long to beat SteamWorld Build

Completing a playthrough of SteamWorld Build without any prior knowledge will take approximately 12 hours.

This estimate is based on two 'balanced' difficulty playthroughs, and will vary based on players' skills and familiarity with city building games. The game's 'double speed' feature can also be used to speed up gameplay significantly.

Our second playthrough in the 'Highroller Dunes' map on Casual difficulty hit the end credits in around 7 hours, significantly shorter thanks to the game's Landmark Buildings.

How long to 100% SteamWorld Build

Completionists can expect to spend upwards of 35 hours getting SteamWorld Build's 28 achievements.

The list is quite forgiving compared to games like Warhammer Realms of Ruin, posing far less challenge than other games in the SteamWorld series. The hunt for 100% completion challenges players to amass 1.5 million robo-dollars, click 100 tumbleweeds, and complete its story on hard difficulty among other challenges.

There are some unavoidable grinds, however; cutting down 50,000 trees and building 100 kilometres of road will take hours no matter how many robotic health and safety rules are ignored.

That's all we can tell you about SteamWorld Build's length. We've got plenty more guides on the game, however - learn how to get gold nuggets and deal with enemy hives, or read our review.

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