What are Landmark Buildings in SteamWorld Build?

A small city in SteamWorld Build
Credit: Thunderful Publishing

A small city in SteamWorld Build
Credit: Thunderful Publishing

Completing the story isn't the end of the road for SteamWorld Build. When the credits have rolled, players unlock a mysterious Landmark Building. In this guide, we'll answer an important question - what are Landmark Buildings in SteamWorld Build?

Effectively, Landmark Buildings exist to boost the game's replayability. They provide an exciting opportunity to see how much faster the story can be beaten with prior knowledge and a powerful boost. There's five to unlock, each with their own benefits, so read on to find out more.

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A ruined train station and mine in a SteamWorld Build cutscene
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Credit: Kieron West // StealthOptional

What are Landmark Buildings in SteamWorld Build?

Landmark Buildings are unique structures that provide various useful effects. To benefit from them, players must open the Landmark Building category - a golden house next to decorations in the hotbar - and place the desired building somewhere in their city. Thankfully, Landmark Buildings do not need to connect to the train station or any roads.

When players start a new game of SteamWorld Build, they choose one of five possible locations for their settlement. Upon completing the story, a Landmark Building associated with that location is unlocked, ready to be used in any future playthroughs.

Like all construction work, players will need some resources and cash to build them. Their effects are active at all times, and thankfully cost zero dollars in upkeep.

All Landmark Buildings in SteamWorld Build

As mentioned above, each area completed by the player unlocks a unique Landmark Building. The table below reveals the benefits they provide, but it should be noted that playing on Sandbox difficulty will prevent players from unlocking a location's Landmark Building.

Landmark building
Giddyup Gorge
Train Depot
The train arrives one minute earlier and the train shop gets various money discounts
Highroller Dunes
Desert Star
Free roads and conveyor belts
Grand Gully
Rail Rush
Free item chance in the train store and additional item slots
More tumbleweeds and they grant an extra reward
Fossil Park
Natural History Museum
Faster miners and fewer tiles required for rooms and quarters

Now that you've learned everything there is to know about Landmark Buildings, find out if SteamWorld Build is on Game Pass, read our hands-on preview, or check out our review.

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