Starfield new game plus rewards – what are they?

Starfield new game plus rewards

Starfield new game plus rewards

If you’ve somehow managed to stay focused on the main story for Bethesda’s latest IP, you may have found that it has a new game plus mode. That being the case, you might also be curious about any Starfield new game plus rewards that the mode might have to offer.

Starfield is an expansive role-playing game with a focus on space exploration. During your adventures, you’ll meet many interesting characters and have the opportunity to join several factions that will influence the game's story.

So, let’s see what Starfield new game plus rewards you’ll be able to get should you decide to play through the story one more time.

What are Starfield’s new game plus rewards?

Should you decide to go through new game plus in Starfield, you will obtain the Starborn Spacesuit Astra along with the Starborn Guardian Spaceship. These rewards may not seem like much at first, but play the game enough and you’ll find how much of a difference these new game plus rewards can make.

Every time you go through new game plus, you will obtain a new starting spacesuit that is slightly more powerful than the last. There are currently 10 different suits you can obtain this way.

On the other hand, your spaceship’s name will change in new game plus by adding a Roman numeral to the end of it. This will indicate how many times you’ve played through the new game plus.

New game plus carryovers

Your character level and skills are the only things that will carry over into new game plus. Everything else including items, credits, and outposts will be reset when entering this game mode.

This may be disappointing for some, but the main purpose of new game plus seems to be going through the story one more time and seeing where new choices will take you. You can try things out like decide to join different factions or choose to romance other companions.

And that wraps it up for Starfield new game plus rewards. For more on this space exploration game, feel free to check out our guide on Starfield traits or how to exploit the money glitch.

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