Payday 3 stealth build - how to be stealthy

Best stealth build - picture of two heisters being stealthy
Credit: Starbreeze

Best stealth build - picture of two heisters being stealthy
Credit: Starbreeze

Are you having a difficult time playing a brave frontliner in Payday 3? In that case, you should consider making a Payday 3 stealth build for your character. As a stealth-focused heister, your goal is to bypass security and make the heist as smooth as it can be. Well, this is easier said than done.

An effective stealth build relies on the right skills and weapons. You must also know how to hack the electronic systems in every Payday 3 map.

Keep reading this guide to learn how to make a proper Payday 3 stealth build. We’ll cover all essential stealth topics such as perks and weapons.

How to make a stealth build in Payday 3

To make a stealth-based character in Payday 3, you need to plan your skills ahead, particularly focusing on Hacker and Cover-up. In the closed beta, you can get a total of 7 skill points ready to be distributed among various skills.

We recommend putting points on these skills:

  • Hacker: Hack a camera and gain access to the building’s CCTV system.
  • Cover-Up: Take down a guard and instantly access the radio.
  • Glitch: Hack a guard’s radio to cause a five-second distraction.
  • Appliance Breach: Activate a trap or lure as long as you have line of sight.
  • Strategist: Mark a target. Your mark also lasts longer than other heisters.
  • Groundskeeper: You can perform takedowns faster.
  • CQC Specialist: Take down a target to restore your Rush.

While you can freely combine other skills, the ones we’ve discussed will give you a better oomph for your skill points. After all, it’s better to have the best skills from the get-go instead of playing catch-up.

Best weapons for making a Payday 3 stealth build

The best weapons for a stealth build are those that will allow you to move fast, such as the CAR-4 rifle. Our top weapon picks for a stealth build would actually be assault rifles and light pistols.

The CAR-4 assault rifle is a good option because of its size and long muzzle. Unlike the M4, the CAR-4 won’t slow you down. Plus, you can outfit the CAR-4 with essential mods like sights, extended rounds, silencers, and even better handles.

Also, don’t forget to take with you a throwing knife for good measure. You never know when you’d run out of ammo, and a knife kill will get you out of a hairy situation. These can make a quick job of any enemy you encounter.

And that’s the rundown of our guide on making a stealth build. Don’t forget to check our guides on playing Payday 3 solo and getting more ammo during heists.

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