Can you play Payday 3 solo?

Can you play Payday 3 solo - picture of Wolf posing alone
Credit: Starbreeze

Can you play Payday 3 solo - picture of Wolf posing alone
Credit: Starbreeze

Can you play Payday 3 solo? This is a question usually asked by Payday fans who want to play the game without going online all the time.

Players are also wondering if Payday 3’s single-player version will be less fun. Back then, many players were disappointed with Payday 2’s lackluster AI which led to easy heists with a couple of glitches. Now, players expect that Payday 3 will have better AI and mechanics.

So, can you play Payday 3 solo effectively? In this article, we’ll show you the answer based on the current information that we’ve gathered.

Can you play Payday 3 solo?

Yes, you can actually play Payday 3 on your own. However, you must be connected to the Internet to play single-player heists.

To start a Payday 3 solo heist, you must create a private multiplayer session. After creating a private room, you’ll have the option to add AI heisters to complete your team.

It’s very likely that Payday 3’s AI is more competent than before. You can expect better AI response, smart pathfinding, and situational flexibility.

What edition is the best to play Payday 3 solo with?

The best edition for Payday 3 solo gameplay is the Silver tier package. With the Silver edition, you can enjoy the early access and a 6-month Season Pass that contains awesome loot.

If you really want to have a full immersive experience, you can always settle for the Gold edition. The Gold edition contains a 12-month Season Pass and a bundle of goodies like Skull of Liberty Mask, Dark Sterling Mask, Gold Slate Gloves, and the Trifecta Lootbag. A 3-day early access opportunity is also included in the Gold edition.

Just remember that the items included in the Payday 3 editions are purely cosmetic. They won’t offer game-changing benefits or attributes. Still, Starbreeze Studios might add more helpful items in the near future.

Are you excited to play Payday 3 solo? Don’t forget to check out the Payday 3 characters that you can play as, and prep your loadout with some awesome Payday 3 weapons.

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