How to get your Nintendo Switch Year in Review

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If you're curious about finding out your Nintendo Switch Year in Review for 2023, we got you covered.

As the year comes to an end, lots of platforms are releasing their own end-of-the-year compilations, like Spotify Wrapped. Twitch, PlayStation, Xbox, and now Nintendo Switch have their own versions.

This guide will show you how to access your Nintendo Switch Year in Review and what kind of data you can expect to see. Let's dive in and get started.

How to access your Nintendo Switch Year in Review (2023)

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Was Tears of the Kingdom your most played game?

If you didn't get an email sent by Nintendo to access your Switch Year in Review, you can find the link to it and the steps to get your data by following the steps below.

What does the Nintendo Switch Year in Review track?

Similar to other wrap-ups, the Switch Year in Review tracks a variety of stats pulling information from your Nintendo account. These include the first game you played, how many games you played and hours you spent on them, your most played titles, gaming trends based on genre, and more.

You'll also get the month in which you were most active, an infographic detailing your gaming trends by month and which games you spent more time on during each month you played with your Switch. Overall, if you're an avid Nintendo gamer, it's definitely worth getting your own Year in Review.

When does the Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2023 end?

Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo did not announce a deadline for accessing the Nintendo Switch Year in Review. Having said that, we recommend you don't dilly-dally on getting your own if you want to, since they might take it down without notice.

That's it! Time to share your playtime with friends and family. For more content, check out how to merge Nintendo accounts in case you're considering buying a new Switch.

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