How to get your Xbox Year in Review

Xbox neon logo
Credit: Microsoft

Xbox neon logo
Credit: Microsoft

Do you want to find your Xbox Year in Review for 2023? Then this article is for you.

As the year draws to a close, various platforms have started releasing their own version of the popular Spotify Wrapped end-of-the-year compilation. Twitch and PlayStation have their own, and now it's time for Xbox.

In this guide, we'll tell you how to access your Xbox Year in Review 2023 and what sort of information you can expect. So first things first, let's show you how to get it.

How to get your Xbox Year in Review 2023

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Credit: Microsoft
Xbox's Year in Review is here!

You might have gotten an email telling you to access your Xbox Year in Review. If this is not the case, don't fret, just follow the simple steps below to access the yearly wrap-up.

  • Go to the official Xbox Year in Review website
  • Log in to your Xbox account
  • You'll get a full infographic detailing your playtime and tendencies as a gamer in the Xbox ecosystem
  • You can then share with your friends

What does the Xbox Year in Review track?

The Year in Review for Xbox tracks every game you played during 2023, how many hours you spent in your top games, the most difficult or rare achievements you managed to get, and a few more interesting details.

You'll also get the month in which you were most active, an infographic detailing your most-played genres and how your Gamescore increased throughout the year. Overall, if you're an avid Xbox gamer, it's definitely worth getting your own Year in Review.

When does the Xbox Year in Review 2023 end?

It's worth noting the Year in Review feature won't be around for long, and it'll be removed on January 1, 2024. So while you still have a few weeks to get yours, be sure to not miss out on it as you won't be able to get your infographic in the new year.

But there you have it, that's all you need to know about how to get your Xbox Year in Review. For more Xbox content, be sure to check out how to refund games if you get something less than desirable for Christmas.

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