How to get your Twitch Recap 2023

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Want to know how to check your Twitch Recap 2023? Then we got you covered.

Twitch, like other platforms, has a feature that compiles all the information from your account and presents it in a nice format at the end of the year.

This allows you to see how much you have interacted with your favourite streamers, which categories you have viewed the most, and other interesting details.

Think of it as Twitch's own Spotify Wrapped. So, if you want to get how to check your very own Twitch Recap then stick around this guide to find out.

How to check Twitch Recap in 2023

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Time for a new recap

Starting on December 11, Twitch began sending out notifications via the Twitch website or email to users to notify users they can start viewing their Twitch Recap for 2023.

If you haven't gotten this notification yet, you can head straight to the Twitch Annual Recap site and log in with your credentials to see it. Here you'll be able to view your recap as a viewer, or if you're an active streamer, a specific content creator recap.

What's in the Twitch Recap?

The Twitch Recap for both viewers and content creators includes all activity that occurred between December 5, 2022 and December 5, 2023. This means how many hours you spent watching/streaming, messages sent, your favourite categories to watch/stream, and much more.

Why can't I find my Twitch Recap?

If you went straight to the Twitch site and still can't see your Recap, that's because you probably don't meet the criteria. In order to get it, you needed to watch a total of 10 hours for the viewer recap, or 10 hours of streaming for the content creator recap.

Sadly, since the cutout happened on December 5, any activity you accumulate now will be added to the 2024 recap, meaning you missed your chance to get one this year.

Can I view past Twitch Recaps?

If you did get yours, don't wait too long before sharing it as they'll become unavailable in a few weeks. So yes, that means previous Twitch Recaps are no longer accessible as well.

And that's it, for more on all things streaming, check out why Twitch was removed from Nintendo Switch.

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