How to Extinguish Fires in Manor Lords

A fire in Manor Lords
Credit: Slavic Magic/Hooded Horse

A fire in Manor Lords
Credit: Slavic Magic/Hooded Horse

Looking to figure out how to extinguish fires in Manor Lords? With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to protect your community from the flames before they cause too much damage.

In Manor Lords, the citizens of your town will rely on you to provide for them. That includes having a steady supply of food, putting up buildings and walls, and protecting them from fires.

So to ensure the safety of your town against arson, let’s go ahead and find out how to extinguish fires in Manor Lords.

A well in Manor Lords with several tends and other structures nearby and villagers going about their day.
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Credit: Slavic Magic/Hooded Horse.

How to Put Out Fires in Manor Lords

To extinguish fires in Manor Lords, you’ll need to have wells built in your settlement. This will provide the villagers with a water source to put out the flames.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to manually put out fires in Manor Lords. If one breaks out, villagers will make their way over to the nearest well for water to help quell the flames.

The residents of your town tend to act fast when there’s a fire, so it’s up to you to make sure that wells are strategically placed across the settlement. If a fire isn’t dealt with right away, it will spread and destroy several buildings along the way.

How to Prevent Fires in Manor Lords

There’s no surefire way to prevent fires in Manor Lords, but there are measures you can take to make them less likely to occur. Aside from building more strategically placed wells, here’s what you can do to keep your settlement from going up in flames.

The first thing you can do is change your Weather Events setting to None. This will get rid of thunderstorms, one of the potential causes of fires in Manor Lords.

Your other option for preventing fires in your town is to choose violence. Build a small army and set out in search of nearby bandit camps to take them out before they can raze your village.

And that’s our guide on how to extinguish fires in Manor Lords. For more on the strategy game, feel free to read up on building limits or check out our guide on how to raise Approval.

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