How to Assign Villagers Jobs in Manor Lords

Villager working on a farm in Manor Lords

Villager working on a farm in Manor Lords

Taking care of an entire town requires a lot of labour and a ton of resources, but the work shouldn’t be solely on your shoulders. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to assign villagers jobs in Manor Lords so you can get your economy going.

Manor Lords is a real-time strategy game that allows you to take command of an army during large-scale battles. But in times of peace, the game transitions into a city management simulator where you can make money and try to raise your Approval rating.

Regardless of whether you prefer engaging hostile outsiders in combat or managing your village’s resources, you’ll have to deal with everything the game decides to throw at you. So to get started, let’s take a look at how to assign jobs to villagers in Manor Lords.

A marketplace in Manor Lords
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How to Assign Jobs to Villagers in Manor Lords

To give your villagers work in Manor Lords, you’ll need to click on a building and then choose the Assign Family option. Once that’s done, the villagers you’ve selected will automatically start working for the betterment of the town.

The type of work families do and the resources they produce will depend on the type of building you’ve assigned them to. If you have the proper buildings for it, your citizens can start crafting tools or providing food for your settlement.

If you are able to maintain a healthy economy, your Approval may go up and cause some foreigners to consider staying in your town, giving it more opportunities to thrive.

How to Unassign Jobs from Villagers in Manor Lords

To unassign a job from a villager, click on the building they’re associated with and click on the minus sign. You can then assign that villager to a different job if you need to focus your labour on another resource.

Players can keep track of their villagers’ work progress by going to the People tab in the menu. There, you’ll be able to see how well they are performing the tasks assigned to them.

And that’s our guide on how to assign jobs to villagers in Manor Lords. If you’re starting to fall behind on some of your in-game tasks, you may be interested in checking out this cheat list or finding out how to activate Peaceful Mode in Manor Lords.

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