Lethal Company - latest patch notes, fixes, and updates

Lethal Company character in hazmat gear typing on a keyboard
Credit: Zeekerss

Lethal Company character in hazmat gear typing on a keyboard
Credit: Zeekerss
December 12, 2023: We've updated this guide with Version 45's patch notes, and explained what they really mean.

It's fair to say that Lethal Company is a game full of mystery, but it doesn't have to be. If you're interested in what's changed or will be changing in the game, read on - this guide will reveal the latest Lethal Company patch notes, updates, and fixes.

In the months since launch, Lethal Company has gone from a relative unknown to a chart-topper. There's nothing quite like proximity voice chat to enhance the terror and comedy of a situation, and it's clear the developer has a sense of humour with some of the bizarre changes made to the game.

If you're looking for more Lethal Company, we've got you covered. Read up on our list of the game's monsters, find out how to kill them, or check out our recommendations for the best mods.

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Lethal Company Version 45 patch notes

The game's most recent update presented its patch notes as a festive rhyming riddle, so we've listed them below with an explanation of what they mean further down.

  • Added chemistry flasks and dramatic Masks, nutcrackers with guns and spray paint cans for funs.
  • Rail cheese has been nearly destroyed, but the forest giant is easier to avoid.
  • Added to radar boosters the "flash" command, and the ship's new "signal translator" will be in great demand.
  • Keybind settings are in, and I gave the item delivery ship a jolly spin.
  • Gravity is more dangerous, but improved Mansion map generations will be good for us.
  • Arachnophobia mode will ease your fear, and I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

After some deciphering, in-game testing, and help from the community, we've narrowed down what's new and listed the changes below.

  • Added chemistry flasks
  • Added masks that can zombify players
  • Added shotgun-wielding nutcrackers (and useable shotguns)
  • Added spray paint cans
  • Standing on rails is no longer viable against most monsters
  • Giants' vision reduced
  • Radar boosters can 'flash' to stun enemies and teammates
  • Signal translator added, can send short messages to teammates
  • Key bindings can be changed
  • Fall damage increased
  • Mansion map generation
  • Festive makeovers for maps and the item delivery ship
  • Arachnophobia mode added to settings

The patch notes also make it clear that old versions of the game can be accessed by opting into a previous branch through Steam. This is recommended for players wanting to keep their mods working until they are updated.

Of course, it's worth noting that Lethal Company is made by just one person. Updates may be slow to release or buggier than the game's triple-A counterparts, but the odd glitch can be forgiven when having fun with friends for such a low price.

There you have it - everything new in the latest version of Lethal Company. Before you rush back to the game, find out how to collect bee hives safely or get some help with finding the submarine.

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