How to increase server size in Lethal Company

Lethal Company - two men in yellow and red spacesuits stand next to a yellow railing, with a forest in the background
Credit: Zeekerss

Lethal Company - two men in yellow and red spacesuits stand next to a yellow railing, with a forest in the background
Credit: Zeekerss
December 11, 2023: We updated our installation guide for the mod used to increase Lethal Company's server size, BiggerLobby.

If you're hoping to play Lethal Company with friends, it may come as a disappointment that there's a cap of four players in a given lobby. However, there exists a way to increase the server size in Lethal Company, and we've got all the information you need to know in this guide.

In Lethal Company, you are a contracted worker, employed by the mysterious Company. Your job is to scavenge for scrap metal from abandoned facilities in order to meet a profit quota. Having more friends alongside you will make hitting this quota a breeze, as well as adding more excitement to your adventure.

For more on Lethal Company, why not check out how to sell scrap metal in-game? Knowing when best to sell your scrap can make a huge difference in how much profit you can make, especially when you're exceeding the lobby's player cap.

Lethal Company - man in orange spacesuit stood in front of blue bunk bed
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Credit: Zeekerss

How do you increase server size in Lethal Company?

Unfortunately, there's currently no way to get more than four players in a lobby in Lethal Company's current version. However, using the BiggerLobby mod developed by bizzlemip, you'll be able to increase the lobby size up to 20 players.

To install the mod, you'll have to do the following things:

  • Download the BiggerLobby mod, LC API, and BepInEx, all from the webpage. The latter two are necessary for BiggerLobby to work.
  • Unzip your downloads, and move these files to the folder where you installed Lethal Company on your PC. (...>Steam>steamapps>common>Lethal Company)
  • Once you've moved the extracted folders to the Lethal Company Game folder, move the "Plugins" and "Bundles" sub-folders from the BiggerLobby folder to the BepInEx folder.
  • Then, navigate to "LC API>BepInEx>Plugins" within your Lethal Company folder, and move the "LC API.dll" file into the main BepInEx folder.
  • Launch Lethal Company and host a lobby as usual. You'll now be able to exceed the previous cap of four players in a lobby.

If you're having trouble getting the BiggerLobby mod to work, the best place to head is the Lethal Company Modding discord. Here, you'll be able to troubleshoot any issues you encounter within the "#installation-help" channel. You'll also be notified of any updates to the BiggerLobby mod, to make sure you always have the latest version of the mod.

That's all there is to know about increasing the server size in Lethal Company. Before you go, why not check out everything we know about the upcoming release of Star Citizen Squadron 42? We've also the latest news on Control 2's development, as well as our feature on how horror franchises expanded into the gaming industry.

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