Is Thunderstore safe to download for Lethal Company?

Lethal Company worker wearing a Comedy mask that has glowing red eyes

Lethal Company worker wearing a Comedy mask that has glowing red eyes

The eerie moons and facilities of Lethal Company have taken the gaming world by storm, but with just one developer behind it, many players have taken to downloading mods to add new content.

To add these mods to your game with ease, Thunderstore is usually recommended in online circles. In this guide, we'll answer an important question - is Thunderstore safe to download for Lethal Company?

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What is Thunderstore?

If you're one of the many millions of players getting into Lethal Company, you've likely heard your tech-savvy friends mention Thunderstore. It's a popular place to find user-created content for games like Bonelab, Lethal Company, Valheim, and more.

We've previously recommended Thunderstore in our guide to increasing your Lethal Company server size, but it's home to all kinds of mods that can make the game harder, easier, or customisable.

If you're familiar with Nexus Mods, you can think of Thunderstore as an equivalent to it. If not, the general idea of these websites is to make the mod downloading process easier - you get to save time otherwise spent putting files in the right places.

Is Thunderstore safe to download?

Yes, Thunderstore is safe to download and use. Many Lethal Company players use and its app to download mods, and the website even lets users view the source code of most mods to make sure they're not hiding anything malicious.

Some antivirus programs may flag the mods you download through Thunderstore or the site itself, but this isn't anything to worry about. Mods are, by definition, modding your game files - the antivirus flags this to be on the safe side, but it doesn't mean Thunderstore is doing anything bad to your PC.

How to use Thunderstore to mod Lethal Company

If the prospect of modding your game sounds exciting, you should download the free Thunderstore Mod Manager. This makes adding mods to your game a breeze - just follow the steps below.

  • If it's your first time using the app, click 'Select Profile'
  • When asked to choose a game, type and select 'Lethal Company'
  • Click on and download any mods you like and their dependencies
  • Click the 'Play Modded' button in the top-right
    • You can also play without mods by clicking the 'Play Vanilla' option

Before you rush off to download the latest and greatest mods, be sure to learn more about Lethal Company with our guide to hazard levels and killing nutcrackers. We can also provide a list of the best Lethal Company mods.

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