How to kill all Monsters in Lethal Company guide

lethal company blind dog fighting inside building to kill monster

lethal company blind dog fighting inside building to kill monster

Lethal Company is the latest co-op proximity chat horror exploration game that has everyone in a chokehold. While seeming quite goofy at a glance, the atmosphere and creatures in this game are no joke. In fact, just catching a glimpse of a monster has led to many a scream in chat followed by deafening silence. However, did you know you can kill monsters in Lethal Company? our how to kill all monsters in Lethal Company guide is here to tell you how.

While a newer player's first response to seeing a monster would be hopelessness or giving up, a professional would find ways to get the job done. This is why today we'll be going over all the methods to deal with every monster and how to kill monsters in Lethal Company.

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Aggroed by noise, cannot be killed. Distract them with noise sources like boomboxes to avoid them. They move slowly, so just follow them or avoid them by using the rails around you. You can also delay them by closing doors on them.


It can be hit, but it is also capable of grabbing you while you're on the railings. Use a stun gun for immobilization while you or a teammate attack. Their biggest threat is how quickly they can move in on you from the dark.

Ghost Girl

Follows you outside the facility but is distracted by the television. If a TV is present on your ship, she focuses on it instead of chasing you.


Cannot be killed but are lured by laser pointers. Use a laser pointer to guide the giants away from you and your ship. Otherwise, just close the door before it can get close enough to grab you.


Difficult to deal with and immune to damage from all sources. However, they won't move towards you if you maintain a line of sight. Use this to your advantage and slowly walk away from them as they'll kill you in one shot otherwise.


Initially harmless, but activate upon noticing you. After a timer cued by how quickly their music plays, they begin to move extremely fast and can oneshot you. They take no damage.


Located by webs in their area. Requires multiple hits to kill and can't reach you on railings. The safest method is to jump on a railing and attack from there.


Fast but can't reach you on railings, allowing a safe approach to attack them using signboards and shovels.

lethal company signs to kill monsters
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Require good spacing for a successful kill. The railing strategy is ineffective against them. Use signs and shovels to kill them.


Easily killed in a few hits with a sign or shovel. Very fast, so you need to time your swings.

Snare Fleas

Tricky to counter alone as they will ensnare you immediately. If grabbed, assistance is required, or finding an exit is necessary. Not susceptible to the railing method.

Blind Dogs

Can be killed with about ten shovel swings. High risk due to their power and ability to one-shot you. Stun guns can also be effective here. However, we suggest avoiding them by sneaking around them instead, as they can only chase you based on sound.

That concludes our guide on how to deal with every monster in Lethal Company and how to kill monsters. For more guides, learn how hazard levels work and what radiation does.

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