How to safely collect bee hives in Lethal Company guide

lethal company bee hive with circuit bees lying on floor and torch pointing to them

lethal company bee hive with circuit bees lying on floor and torch pointing to them

Lethal Company is full of oddities and terrifying creatures both inside and outside the facilities. You can generally only gather valuable resources from inside facilities. However, the bee hive is a highly valuable resource you can collect from the outside on certain maps. Today, we'll learn how to collect bee hives in Lethal Company.

While bee hives are lucrative steals, they're not the safest items to collect. This is due to the swarm of angry Circuit Bees you'll be collecting them from. If not yourself, you'll be putting your team in danger. This is why you should learn the safe method of collecting bee hives in Lethal Company.

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What are bee hives?

Bee hives are small round gives that spawn on the outside of facilities on certain maps and are home to Circuit Bees. They are highly valuable and will sell for around 51 - 169. This makes them quite the lucrative steal you shouldn't miss out on. However, the Circuit Bees that inhabit them are quite aggressive and will zap you to death if you're not careful.

Where to find bee hives

Circuit Bees and bee hives can spawn on the following planets:

  • 41-Assurance
  • 41-Experimentation
  • 56-Vow
  • 61-March
  • 21-Offense

These maps will also have the aforementioned hostile Circuit Bees, who will start roaming the map and attack you if you steal their hive too quickly. However, there's a risk-free method of collecting bee hives that everyone should know.

How to steal bee hives

To steal a bee hive you should place it on the outside of your ship and pick it up when you're taking off. Normally, if you pick up a bee hive you'll get chased down and kill by the Circuit Bees. This situation normally results in the need for two people to steal the bee hive; one for distraction and the other for theft. However, the better method of collecting a bee hive requires only one player. Here's what you want to do:

  • Locate a bee hive.
  • Approach it and pick it up. Prepare for the angry bees and start running to your ship.
  • Place it on the backside of your ship, away from the entrance. The Circuit Bees will settle down there.
lethal company circuit bees on ship backside
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  • When you're ready to leave, launch your ship.
  • Rush outside when your ship starts taking off and grab the bee hive. If the ship has ascended, the bees can't follow or hurt you.
  • Head inside or let the ship teleport you inside.
lethal company beehive collected inside ship for 92 coins
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This method lets you safely and reliably collect bee hives without having to run for your life or deal with a rogue swarm of Circuit Bees around the map.

That's all you need to know on how to collect and steal beehives in Lethal Company. For more guides, learn how hazard levels work and what radiation does.

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