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How long does Last Train Home take to beat?

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Last Train Home - soldier wearing a cap with a red and white stripe, with a rifle on his back
Credit: THQ Nordic

Want to know how long it'll take to beat Last Train Home? In this guide, we'll be breaking down how long it'll take to beat the game's campaign, courtesy of the developers. Also, we'll be giving the latest on how long the game takes to 100%.

Knowing how long a game takes to beat can help you justify whether you think the game is worth its price tag. Additionally, if its a title you're not sure you have the time for, seeing that it has over 100 hours of content can easily help you decide whether the game is for you.

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Last Train Home - soldier with guitar singing while on a train
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Credit: THQ Nordic

Last Train Home game length

According to developers Ashborne Games, Last Train Home's campaign will take players around 40 hours to complete. Quoted in their FAQ, Ashborne Games says that players should "prepare for a long journey", as this is apparently the average time it has taken people to complete the game in their playtests. Therefore, it's safe to assume RTS veterans may complete the game closer to the 30-hour mark, whereas newcomers to the genre could rack up 50-60 hours on their playthrough.

When it comes to achievement hunting in Last Train Home, we currently don't know how many achievements there are in Last Train Home, or what they entail, so we can't give a prediction on how long it will take to complete them.


Additionally, it's not yet known whether the game will feature any side content or missions. Ashborne Games has said that the game has a linear campaign, however with "multiple route choices" available, who knows what scenarios could be encountered on a playthrough?

That's all there is to know on how long it takes to beat Last Train Home. Once we have information on how long the game takes to 100%, we'll be including that information here. For more content like this, why not check out everything we know about Foxhole Naval Warfare? We've also got the latest on whether Last Train Home will have multiplayer, as well as our feature on 24 years of Medal of Honor.

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