Is Last Train Home multiplayer?

Last Train Home - wooden church with soldiers stood outside, aiming their weapons
Credit: THQ Nordic

Last Train Home - wooden church with soldiers stood outside, aiming their weapons
Credit: THQ Nordic

After mastering a game's campaign, the next step for many RTS players is to battle it out against other players in online lobbies. So we're here to investigate whether Last Train Home has multiplayer functionality, with all the latest news from the developers.

Single-player campaigns in RTS games can vary in quality, and many fans of the genre can sink thousands of hours into competing in multiplayer competitive matches. If Last Train Home has multiplayer gameplay, the game will certainly appeal to a wider audience.

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Last Train Home - side of a black steam train travelling through snow
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Credit: THQ Nordic

Can you play Last Train Home in multiplayer?

As per the developers, Last Train Home won't have multiplayer gameplay. In an FAQ posted to their website, developers Ashborne Games state that they're "focusing on a single-player experience". This doesn't necessarily mean that the game will never get multiplayer support, however, right now it's not on Ashborne Games' list of priorities.

Given the apparent complexity of Last Train Home's resource management and combat systems, it makes sense that the studio has prioritised these ahead of a multiplayer game mode.

Additionally, given that the game is strictly campaign and doesn't have a sandbox mode, any multiplayer functionality that would come to Last Train Home would likely only ever be in a co-op format, so don't expect to battle it out with a friend in this RTS.

But there you have it, that's all there is to know about the status of multiplayer in Last Train Home. For more guides like this, be sure to check out the Last Train Home system requirements. We've also got our top strategy games to play in 2023, as well as a feature piece celebrating Medal of Honor's 24th birthday.

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