Is Last Train Home on GeForce Now?

Last Train Home - soldiers running through snow carrying rifles
Credit: THQ Nordic

Wondering whether Last Train Home will be released on Nvidia GeForce Now? Here, we've got all the latest updates on whether the RTS game will be coming to the platform on release day, so join us to get all the latest information.

If you've never come across Nvidia GeForce Now, the service allows players to play a huge range of video games for a small fee, similar to Xbox Game Pass. However, the primary difference comes in that Nvidia GeForce is a cloud gaming service, allowing players to stream the game to their PC remotely, which is handy if your PC isn't the most powerful.

For more on Last Train Home, why not check out everything we know about the game? In our release hub, we've got the game's release date, as well as a full breakdown of all the features we expect to see in the game based on the gameplay trailer.

Last Train Home - screenshot of soldiers running through a trainyard
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Credit: THQ Nordic

Can you play Last Train Home on GeForce Now?

Initially, Last Train Home was not going to be released on GeForce Now. However, one of the game's developers has now recently confirmed that Last Train Home will be available on GeForce Now on release day, via a Steam Discussion thread.

On October 11, developer "wery" posted an update to a question from a community member, stating that the game will be available on GeForce Now. Previously, Ashborne Games and publisher THQ Nordic had no plans to bring the game to GeForce Now, but thankfully this has changed as the game neared its release date.

Why use GeForce Now?

GeForce Now is a great way to play games at higher resolutions or with greater graphical fidelity, provided you have a strong and stable internet connection, but perhaps not the best PC hardware. For more details, why not check out how Nvidia GeForce Now works?

That's all there is to know about whether Last Train Home will come to GeForce Now. For more guides like this, why not check out whether Last Train Home will have a multiplayer game mode, or how long the game will take to beat? We've also got the recommended and minimum system requirements for the game, in case you're unsure whether your PC will be able to handle Last Train Home.

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