Is Stranger Things VR canon to the show?

Henry Creel in Stranger Things wearing a Meta Quest 3 headset
Credit: Netflix / Meta

Henry Creel in Stranger Things wearing a Meta Quest 3 headset
Credit: Netflix / Meta

Stranger Things VR is finally on the way, with the Meta Quest exclusive giving fans of the show a new perspective of the Season 4 antagonist, literally. But is Stranger Things VR canon to the overall series?

The Stranger Things VR release date is coming up, despite a short delay late last year. If you're a fan of one of Netflix's best TV shows, and own one of the best VR headsets right now, then you may be excited to play the upcoming VR game. And here's whether your time with the Stranger Things VR story counts with the lore of the TV series.

Is Stranger Things VR canon?

There's no official confirmation from developer Tender Claws or Netflix about whether the game is canon or not. But considering how much the Duffer Brothers, the creators of the show, have planned out the story, we don't expect the VR game to be canon to the show.

From the information about the game's narrative, found in the description on the Meta store, the story sees you play as Vecna and enter the dreams of characters like Billy and Will from the series, as well as see the transformation from Henry Creel to the antagonist of Season 4, Vecna.

Considering what little we know about Stranger Things VR's story and gameplay, we imagine that the main narrative beats will be very familiar to fans of the show, while moments like entering Billy's dreams will be some creative liberties taken by Tender Claws.

However, it could be that the fifth season of Stranger Things, whenever it does finally release, will take some of the VR game's ideas as its own. We'll have to wait and see. Unfortunately, PCVR gamers will have to play the game on Quest 2, 3, or Pro as a standalone title, as the game is unlikely coming to PC. At least, anytime soon.

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