How to heal in Nightingale

Heal in Nightingale - player against big enemy in armor

Heal in Nightingale - player against big enemy in armor

What is the most important thing to do in an action adventure game, or well, any videogame? Well, not dying is probably one of the first things that would come to mind. To avoid biting the big one, it is fundamental to get back those health points. Let's find out, then, how to heal in Nightingale, as that might not be entirely clear.

players have been curious about exploring this game, finding out such features like how to unlock Antiquarian card.

But in this guide, we'll explain in detail how to heal in Nightingale and how to craft those necessary items.

How to heal in Nightingale

Basically, the main way in which you can get back health in Nightingale is by using a Healing salve. This will earn your character the Healing status effect. This health-restoring buff will last approximately five seconds and will heal the majority of your health bar.

How to craft Nightingale Healing Salve

In order to craft the necessary Healing Salve, you will need two items: bones and plant fibre. But how to get those resources?

Bones are obtained by slaying many of the creatures that you will find in the game. Just defeat them and then search the area. Finally, Plant Fibre is usually found by harvesting tall grass. We are sure you will find enough resources to keep you healed. But there is one more thing to discuss.

Nightingale overtime healing explained

In order to heal during the night, without having to use any additional salves, you have to make sure your Hunger bar is filled. This will activate passive healing, which will recover health but also boost your maximum health points for a short time.

Finally, when your health is love, just make a Bedroll. Whenever your rest bar is low, interacting with the bedroll will get your character to sleep, which will restore some health. It also will trigger the Relaxed buff which slowly restores health.

That's all you need to know on how to heal in Nightingale. For more tips and tricks check out how to use text chat.

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