How to hack in Payday 3

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How to hack in Payday 3 - picture of the mask of Dallas
Credit: Starbreeze

Some Payday players and fans are now asking how to hack in Payday 3? This question is related to the actual hacking mechanic in the game, and not the ‘hacks’ about cheating.

In Payday, hacking is an important mechanic that allows players to bypass security systems and other devices. Since Payday 3 has been improved in all aspects, the game will possibly have an advanced hacking mechanic for all heisters.

If you’re excited to know how to hack in Payday 3 properly, you’re in the right place. We’ll cover the latest bits of information about the hacking mechanic in Payday 3.

How to hack in Payday 3

Currently, there’s still no precise information about the hacking mechanic in Payday 3. However, based on Payday 2’s mechanic, the Payday 3 hacking system will have more advanced features and loops.

In Payday 3, players can start hacking by using a device called Electronic Countermeasure (ECM). The purpose of ECM is to create a jamming effect against various radar and detection systems.

Through a successful hacking procedure, heisters can go to secured hallways and vaults without being detected. Despite the effectiveness of hacking, it will only give a leeway of a few minutes, so the whole heister team must be fast.

How to be a hacker in Payday 3

Being a hacker in Payday 3 requires a specific loadout and character build. You probably need to unlock specific perks and hacking equipment.

As a hacker, your main goal is to support your team by disabling or jamming security measures. You must be efficient in using the ECM or any other hacking equipment. During your first heists, you might mess up the process. As you eventually learn new tips and tricks, you can become a proficient hacker.

Players also believe that hackers are almost the same as rogues. You probably need to have high evasive attributes to bypass security and detection.

So, are you thinking of being a Payday 3 hacker? You can start first by learning how to reset sprinklers. After that, you need to be sure that you can get more ammo during any heist.


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