How to get to Hopetown in Starfield

How to get to Hopetown in Starfield Ron Hope

How to get to Hopetown in Starfield Ron Hope

Being given an entire galaxy to explore in Bethesda’s space-themed RPG means you’ll come across more than a handful of settlements on your adventure. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get to Hopetown in Starfield and see what this place has to offer.

There’s lots to do in Starfield from smuggling contraband to building your own outposts. You’ll even have a selection of factions to join that can send you out on a variety of different quests.

You may be on the lookout for a few different settlements as you do these tasks but for now, we’ll focus on how to get to Hopetown in Starfield.

Where is Hopetown located?

Hopetown is found on a planet named Polvo in the Valo system. The Valo system is located next to the Narion system on your star map. Polvo is within Freestar Ranger space, so make sure you’re cleared of any bounties on your head before giving this part of the galaxy a visit.

Once you get to the Valo system, look for the Earth-like planet on the left and that should be Polvo. Scan the planet and you should be able to reach Hopetown.

You can reach Hopetown as soon as the game lets you explore space freely, but you will eventually find your way there if you just play through Starfield’s main story.

What to do in Hopetown

Like most settlements across Starfield, you can stock up on supplies like food, drinks, weapons, and ammo in Hopetown. Perhaps the most notable establishment in this place though is HopeTech, a factory where you can upgrade and purchase ships.

Since Hopetown is in Freestar Ranger space, joining the Freestar Collective and going through the faction’s quests will bring you to this settlement on more than one occasion. You’ll be visiting Hopetown for the Freestar Rangers during the missions Where Hope is Built and The Hammer Falls, the latter of which is the finale for this faction’s questline.

Other than those missions plus your visit to Hopetown during Starfield’s main story, there’s not much else to do in Starfield. Good thing there are plenty of other places to discover across over 1,000 planets in this adventure game.

And that’s our guide on how to get to Hopetown in Starfield. Before heading out for this settlement, you may want to check out how to use your planet map or how to exploit the money glitch for infinite wealth.

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