What happened to Earth in Starfield?

What happened to Earth in Starfield

What happened to Earth in Starfield

Travelling through space and discovering new planets is great and all but at some point you have to start wondering, what happened to Earth in Starfield? For this guide, we’ll be going over what the situation of our home planet is during the events of this space-themed RPG.

With over 1,000 different worlds to discover and explore, it’s easy to forget about Earth while playing Starfield. But take notice of all the different characters in the game and you’ll find that they all look like they came from our little corner of the galaxy.

So let’s find out what happened to Earth in Starfield and see if you’ll be able to visit our planet during your journey in space.

What’s going on with Earth during Starfield?

By the time the events of Starfield take place, Earth has already been abandoned by humans. This is due to the planet’s magnetosphere being torn apart by the early testing of Grav Drives on the moon.

Since Starfield takes place in the year 2330, Earth’s inhabitants have fortunately progressed their technology enough to search for a new planet by the time they’ve completely wrecked their home world. Humans had 50 years to leave the planet and it does look like that was enough time to get everyone evacuated.

So if you were hoping to find a futuristic Earth with all kinds of cool sci-fi tech then you’ll have to look elsewhere because that’s not how things played out in Starfield. By the time you start playing Starfield, earthlings will have already taken their toys and brought them to other planets.

Can you land on Earth in Starfield?

If you’re curious to see Starfield’s interpretation of a future Earth, it is possible to land on the planet and do a bit of exploration. There won’t be much to explore though since it’s mostly a big desert with a few landmarks here and there at this point.

You can actually visit Earth early on in Starfield as long as you have enough fuel to get there. Earth is located in the Sol star system which is on the left portion of the star map.

And that’s our guide on what happened to Earth in Starfield. For more info on the action RPG set in space, feel free to read up on the different factions you can join and what traits you can choose for your characters.

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