Starfield Operation Starseed bug – how to fix

Starfield Operation Starseed bug Amanirenas

Starfield Operation Starseed bug Amanirenas

Is the Starfield Operation Starseed bug keeping you from completing the quest? Bugs are never fun to deal with, and this one can be especially frustrating to work through. That’s why we’ve come up with this guide to help you get everything working properly again.

Starfield is an action RPG set in space that will take you to over 1,000 different planets. NPC companions and powers can help make your exploration of the galaxy a bit easier, but bugs and errors are always a threat to your progress.

The Starfield Operation Starseed bug turns a bunch of NPCs in a specific area hostile while trying to make your way through the quest, making it extremely difficult to get to your next objective. Luckily, there are a few different fixes you can try to get past it.

How to fix the Starfield Operation Starseed bug

There seem to be several ways around the Operation Starseed bug at the moment, so you may have to go through a bit of trial and error. So far, the most effective fixes include reloading from the most recent checkpoint, having time pass on your ship and killing all of the NPCs in the area.

Reload from checkpoint

While some have found this fix helpful, others have claimed that it doesn’t work. With that being the case, you may need to give this a few tries before moving on to a different workaround.

If you do end up needing multiple tries with this fix, consider doing things differently with each attempt. Some have claimed that keeping your gun holstered as you approach the affected area will keep the bug from taking effect.

Pass time on your ship

When you encounter the big during Operation Starseed, try returning to your ship and waiting. Some players have reported that after about an hour or so of waiting on your ship, the quest should be back to normal and you should be able to return to it without issue.

Kill all NPCs

This currently seems to be the most consistent workaround for the Operation Starseed bug but it comes with a caveat. Since taking on a bunch of NPCs all at once can be wasteful, using console commands is the most efficient way of pulling this off.

Typing in “kah” into the console should get rid of every NPC affected by the bug. However, do take note that using console commands in Starfield will make you ineligible for unlocking any more achievements.

And that’s our guide on how to fix the Starfield Operation Starseed bug. Unfortunately, the game has many more issues you might encounter, so you might want to look up how to fix audio issues and the flashlight bug in Starfield.

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