Starfield console commands – all cheats explained

Starfield console commands

Starfield console commands

Are you looking to explore space in the easiest way possible? If you are, you may want to take a look at some Starfield console commands. In this guide, we’ll be listing down every command that’s currently out there and explaining what each one does.

But before we proceed, know that Bethesda usually only allows console commands for the PC versions of their games. So if you’re playing Starfield on Xbox, you’ll have no choice but to remain an honest space explorer.

Now let’s have a look at what Starfield console commands you’ll have access to and see all the different cheats you can take advantage of.

Starfield console commands list

Here’s a list of all the console commands you can abuse for an unlimited well of power and resources in Starfield:

Console Command
Enable god mode by giving yourself invulnerability, infinite stamina, and unlimited carry weight.
player.additem 0000000f [#]
Replace the brackets and number sign with an actual number to give yourself that amount of credits
player.additem 0000000a [#]
Replace the brackets and number sign with an actual number to give yourself that amount of digilocks
Toggle collision, allowing you to walk through walls
Toggle AI on and off, making NPCs stop whatever they are doing and stay in place.
player.setav carryweight [#]
Replace brackets and number sign with a number to set your maximum carry weight.
Toggles UI on and off.
Enable free cam.
tmm 1
Add map markers for all locations on a planet’s surface. The command to disable this is still unknown, so this looks to be permanent for now.
Target an NPC by clicking on them then enter this command to kill them instantly. Some characters can only be incapacitated.
Resurrect target NPC corpse.
Kill all nearby enemy NPCs.
Toggles the combat AI of nearby NPCs.
Player.additem [Item ID] [#]
Enter an item ID and amount to add to your inventory.
player.setav speedmult [#]
Change player speed multiplier. Setting the number to a value above 100 will increase movement speed.
player.setav health [#]
Set your maximum health value.
Change the player character’s gender and revert back to default look.
Add all Starfield powers.
Toggle NPC detection to make sneaking around easier.
Player.additem 0000ABF9 [#]
Add a number of med packs to your inventory.

So those are some of the most impactful console commands that are currently in Starfield. There are some potentially game-breaking effects on that list, so you might want to save your game before testing any of these out.

How to use console commands in Starfield

To use console commands in Starfield, you’ll need to press the tilde (~) key. This will open up the console command display and all you’ll need to do is type in the command you want to use and hit enter.

When opening the console command prompt, you will be notified that using commands will disable achievements for your current save file. Press the tilde key again to close the display.

And that’s it for our guide on Starfield console commands. For more on the spacefaring adventure game, feel free to check out how to use boost pack and how to fix audio issues.

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