Starfield audio issues - fix audio cutting out and not syncing

Starfield audio issues - An image of a male astronaut companion in the game
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield audio issues - An image of a male astronaut companion in the game
Credit: Bethesda

If you are encountering audio issues in Starfield such as audio cutting out or audio out-of-sync while exploring the depths of the cosmos, you're not alone.

Starfield, much anticipated and brimming with promise, has unfortunately fallen into the pattern of being plagued by bugs and performance woes. These range from the game crashing and stuttering to frustrating audio problems.

In this guide, we'll delve into effective strategies to address these issues and bring back the immersive audio experience that Starfield promises.

How to fix Starfield audio issues

To fix Starfield audio issues, try disabling upscaling, VSync, Motion Blur and VRS. A Reddit user found that this solution works. It doesn't completely fix the problem, but it does make the game perform a bit better.

If you're still having issues, here are some tips to fix audio issues in Starfield:

  • Ensure that you've installed the game on an SSD, as using an HDD can cause performance troubles.
  • Consider lowering your graphics with the above four specific settings disabled.
  • Make sure your audio drivers and Windows OS are fully updated.

If the audio issues are making the game unplayable for you, it is better to wait until Bethesda releases patches to address these audio and performance problems and other common Starfield errors.

What causes audio issues in Starfield?

Numerous players have shared on Reddit their experiences of encountering significant audio dropouts, along with instances where the in-game audio fails to synchronize properly with the lip movements of NPCs in Starfield.

Even the best gaming PCs that meet the system requirements for Starfield and boast updated graphics cards are also encountering these issues, hinting at the likelihood that the audio issues in Starfield are a consequence of the game's bugginess.

Considering Starfield's early access status, encountering performance issues is somewhat anticipated. Additionally, given Bethesda's track record of releasing titles with historical bugs, there's a certain level of expectation.

Still, what's truly surprising is that Starfield's launch was delayed because Xbox demanded bug fixes. Yet, even with the developers fixing classic Bethesda bugs days before launch, the game remains noticeably buggy.

And with that, we are wrapping up our guide on Starfield audio issues. Make sure you check out how to use the boost pack in Starfield while exploring the planets.

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