House Flipper 2 - Release date, platforms, trailer, and everything we know

House Flipper 2 - man in a hard hat stands in the doorway of an abandoned house
Credit: Frozen District

House Flipper 2 - man in a hard hat stands in the doorway of an abandoned house
Credit: Frozen District

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Looking for the House Flipper 2 release date? You've come to the right place, as we've got the game's release date and platforms, as well as an analysis of the game's trailer, all within this guide.

As the sequel to 2018's House Flipper, House Flipper 2 will see players clean, build, and renovate a range of different houses. Plus, the game promises greater customisation and support for designing your own builds. Stick with us to find out all the details.

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House Flipper 2 - a modern house with a winding path through the garden, surrounded by trees
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Credit: Frozen District

House Flipper 2 release date

Right now, House Flipper 2 has a planned release date for PC on December 14, 2023, meaning that the game isn't far away from being released. With old and new mechanics returning in the House Flipper sequel, it won't be long until players are able to build the house of their dreams.

However, console players will have to wait a little longer for House Flipper 2, with the game releasing on console platforms on March 21, 2024. Unfortunately, House Flipper 2 will not be coming to old-gen platforms, or to the Nintendo Switch, with the game only being released on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on the March release date.

House Flipper 2 - interior of a house with exposed wooden beams
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House Flipper 2 trailer

In the official gameplay trailer for House Flipper 2, we get a look at some of the game's mechanics. Like House Flipper, the game features cleaning up trash, sledgehammering walls, and wiping windows, amongst a wealth of other activities that will be familiar to players of the game's predecessor.

One of the new features we get to see in the trailer is the bricklaying mechanic. This will primarily feature in the game's anticipated Sandbox Mode, which will allow players to build their dream home from scratch.

The trailer also does a great job of showcasing the graphical improvements made to House Flipper 2 from the first game. House Flipper has never had the prettiest lighting, yet the rays of sunlight scattering through the windows look truly magnificent in the gameplay trailer.

If you want to get a glimpse of House Flipper 2 for yourself, you can check out the official gameplay trailer for the game down below.

Everything we know about House Flipper 2

Players familiar with the game's precursor will be familiar with many of the mechanics in House Flipper 2. You'll have access to a very familiar toolset to the first game, however, House Flipper 2 boasts improved graphics and the addition of some extra tools for players to use.

One of the most highly anticipated features in House Flipper 2 is the game's Sandbox Mode. Here, players will be able to recreate real-life buildings or their own from scratch, with players able to lay bricks and build a house from the ground up. The process is likely to be time-consuming, but we can't wait to see what builds and recreations emerge from the community when the game is released.

House Flipper 2 story

Initially, it appears that House Flipper 2 may feature a more substantial main story than its predecessor. House Flipper didn't really have much in the way of a narrative, which led to some players feeling as though their actions in the game weren't really consequential. While the game offered an interesting and deep sandbox, there was no intrinsic reason for players to engage with it in any depth.

In House Flipper 2, there appears to be a campaign set in the friendly town of Pinnacove, where the player has been hired to fix up the local's homes. Frozen District has suggested that there may be some secrets for the player to uncover in Pinnacove. Beyond this information, we don't have any further details on House Flipper's story mode.

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