Cities Skylines 2 modding support is still months away

Cities Skylines 2 gameplay of a forest city

Cities Skylines 2 gameplay of a forest city

After a bungled launch marred with performance issues, Paradox’s Cities Skylines 2 still doesn’t officially have modding support. Unfortunately for fans, mod support is still months away for the city building game.

With huge performance issues, some of which may be due to awful LoD management, Cities Skylines 2 has been hit with a wave of highly negative reviews for missing key features. While mods were revealed as missing for launch, fans are still waiting on official support.

In a new developer diary, Colossal Order CEO Mariina Hallikainen explained that official Cities Skylines 2 modding support is still months away at the time of writing. While many expected a short delay on mod support, it will now be kept until sometime next year.

Cities Skylines 2 modding support has been delayed due to the introduction of a complex editor tool. Unlike the last game, fans will be able to create mods with an effective editor that is unfortunately still not ready to be used.

“The Editor is in the works and we shared an updated version of it with the closed Modding Beta group for a feedback round just last Friday,” Hallikainen explained. “The Editor currently includes only maps and support for code modding and we’re looking forward to getting those ready for an initial release.”

One of the most integral additions to the editor is the asset import feature, which will allow modders to add new buildings, citizens, foliage and more. At the time of writing, that feature is currently unfinished and unavailable for beta testers to use.

While the Cities Skylines 2 editor release date is planned to release in a few months, it may be pushed even further.

“Our goal is to release the Editor as soon as possible, and we will keep you updated on the progress,” they explained. “We expect it will take a couple of months to get the Editor in a shape where we can release it, but we don’t have a concrete timeline yet as we don’t want to make promises we can’t keep.”

Cities Skylines 2 is available right now on PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

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